NBA News Update: Jared Dudley opens up on LeBron James' life in the bubble, Frank Vogel on LA Lakers missing out on Kawhi Leonard

2020 NBA Finals - Game Six
2020 NBA Finals - Game Six
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After sealing a record-tying 17th NBA Championship in dominant fashion, the LA Lakers will now prepare for the upcoming season. The Lakers' stars are basking in glory of their historic victory, but they are also sharing interesting nuggets about their season. In this version of the NBA News Update, we will take a look at what Frank Vogel and Jared Dudley had to say about the LA Lakers' title run and the team's talisman LeBron James

NBA News Update: LA Lakers' Jared Dudley spills the beans about LeBron James' 'recovery chamber' 

2020 NBA Finals - Game Six
2020 NBA Finals - Game Six

LA Lakers forward Jared Dudley was acquired by the franchise for his ability to stretch the floor and his invaluable locker room presence. The veteran didn't take to the floor very often in the postseason, but helped the team and its chemistry through his experience.

Dudley recently made an appearance on the Bill Simmons podcast and revealed how he and LeBron James enjoyed having wine after games along with the team. He said - 

"LeBron is like a wine connoisseur. So we are drinking, and we have practice the next day. I took a picture of all the different wines we had, and it was like our dessert after a win. There is cigar outside, we are drinking wine. The chemistry was amazing with this team."

Following that, the conversation moved to LeBron James and his routine in the bubble.

LeBron James' preparation for an NBA season is unparalleled. Even in his 17th year in the competition and at the age of 35, his determination and focus to be the best player in the league means that he tends to take better care of his body than most other players in the NBA.

On that note, Dudley spilled the beans on how LeBron James had his own 'recovery chamber' in the bubble. He said - 

"He would do this on off days where he would go and take these hour, hour and a half naps. You know, LeBron is really methodical about his recovery process. There is a reason he is gonna go down as the greatest or the 2nd best because of his recovery process."

Dudley and the LA Lakers will set their sights on next year's championship now, with LeBron James determined to win his 5th NBA title. 

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NBA News Update: Frank Vogel talks about the AD trade, missing out on Kawhi Leonard

2020 NBA Finals - Game Six
2020 NBA Finals - Game Six

The LA Lakers had a busy offseason last year, as they traded for Anthony Davis to partner him with LeBron James. Davis was crucial in the Lakers' title challenge, as he displayed his defensive versatility and scoring prowess.

Making an appearance on ESPN insider Zach Lowe's podcast, LA Lakers head coach Frank Vogel disclosed his reaction at the time the Anthony Davis trade went through. He said -  

"I probably had a beer that night. It was a great feeling of excitement. There was a public feeling that we gave up too much. Anthony Davis is a top 5 player in the world, a MVP candidate. For Rob [Pelinka], for me, we had to get that guy."

Lowe then pivoted the conversation towards Kawhi Leonard, who was reportedly a target for the LeBron James-led LA Lakers before city rivals Clippers signed him.

Lowe asked Vogel if he felt that the team had a chance to acquire him, leading to the coach sharing his thoughts on the subject - 

"We felt this could happen. I mean we are pretty good without him, with him it would have been pretty special. I think we had a chance to get Kawhi."

The LA Lakers have major decisions to make this offseason, as Anthony Davis will be eligible for a new contract. The front office will also have to sign and resign the right role players who complement Davis and LeBron James in the right way.

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