Reebok execs Shaquille O'Neal & Allen Iverson aim to bring back S Dot Carter & G-unit sneakers with hip-hop legends Jay-Z & 50 Cent

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Shaquille O'Neal & Allen Iverson aim to bring back S Dot Carter & G-unit sneakers with hip-hop legends Jay-Z & 50 Cent

Last year, Shaquille O'Neal and Allen Iverson were named executives at Reebok. Along with aiming to bring new styles to the shoe brand, they're aiming to collaborate with big names from back in the day as well.

During an interview with Complex, Iverson and Shaq were asked about Jay-Z being seen wearing S Dot sneakers at the Super Bowl. They not only mentioned how cool it was but are hoping to partner with the record-selling artist in the future.

"We know Jay-Z, Jay-Z if you watching this we want to holla at you," Shaq said.

Later in the interview, 50 Cent's old G Unit sneakers were brought up. Shaquille O'Neal quickly responded by saying they want to partner up with him as well.

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"50, when I call you, holla," Shaq continued. "Jay-Z, we'll be calling. We definitely want to give the fans and the consumers what they want."

50 Cent has a lot of connections within the NBA and was just part of the league's biggest weekend of the year. During All-Star weekend, he was a coach for the Celebrity All-Star Game alongside Shannon Sharpe.

As far as their roles in the company go, Shaquille O'Neal is president of their basketball division while Iverson serves under him as vice president.

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Shaquille O'Neal and Allen Iverson are two of Reebok's top signature athletes

These days, Nike and the Jordan Brand are the main names people mention when discussing basketball shoes. However, that wasn't always the case. Reebok was once in the same category as these companies. Among their biggest moments is signing Shaquille O'Neal as a signature athlete.

Coming out of LSU in 1992, Shaq had a big shoe decision to make upon entering the NBA. He decided to go with Reebok, where he'd make history with the company. Shaq's "Shaq Attack" series was the first signature shoe ever produced by Reebok.

A few years later, Reebok managed to secure another big name in the NBA. Allen Iverson was an MVP-level player with the Philadelphia 76ers and was a major figure in popular culture. His partnership with Reebok went so well that the two sides agreed on a lifetime deal.

All these years later, Shaq and Iverson are once again looking to be pillars for Reebok. They want to user in a new era for the company, and will do with their own style.

As of this season, there are no current players in the NBA who have a signature shoe deal with Reebok.

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