"We gonna spread it out" - Seth Curry's Dream Team includes Michael Jordan and brother Steph Curry among others

Seth Curry
Seth Curry's Dream Team includes Michael Jordan and brother Steph Curry among others
Seth Curry is becoming a reliable shooter
Seth Curry is becoming a reliable shooter

Seth Curry of the Philadelphia 76ers recently featured on “All the Smoke”, a podcast hosted by NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. They touched upon a lot of areas, including his upbringing, competition with his brother Steph Curry and his experiences from the different franchises he’s played for.

Towards the end of the episode, Stephen Jackson posed a very interesting question to the guard. Seth Curry was asked who he would choose to play alongside him and his brother in a “Blacktop” game.

Blacktop is a game mode in the NBA 2K series. It takes place on a street court and allows the user to play pick-up games with players of their choice, from one-on-one match-ups all the way up to full court five-on-five games. Seth Curry went on to make his picks, saying:

“To the Blacktop, I’ve got my guy T-Mac – that’s my favorite player growing up. Give me, give me Shaq. And I mean, c’mon give me MJ. So, I got me, Steph, MJ, T-Mac and Shaq. We gonna spread it out.”

That’s quite a squad Seth Curry has picked. Although Seth is not quite at his brother’s level, he has been improving every year. Following small roles with the Sacramento Kings, Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers, he has become a starter for the Philadelphia 76ers. In the 2021-22 season, across 36 games he is averaging 16.2 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.9 assists over 34.8 minutes a game.

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Seth Curry’s Blacktop five could cause problems for opponents

Houston Rockets v Philadelphia 76ers
Houston Rockets v Philadelphia 76ers

Scoring is never going to be an issue with these five. Steph Curry can shoot from anywhere on the field, Tracy McGrady and Michael Jordan are both capable of creating their own buckets and getting others involved as well. Meanwhile big man Shaquille O'Neal will be a force inside the paint, bodying up defenders to score with authority.

Seth Curry, although overlooked at times, has become a reliable scorer in the league today. He is shooting 60.1% on two-point field goals this season, and getting his teammates involved with 139 assists so far. The Philadelphia 76ers are currently fifth in the Eastern Conference standings, despite playing without Ben Simmons. Some of that credit goes to Seth Curry for embracing the challenge.

Seth's undoubtedly strong dream starting-five is both offensively and defensively sound. The team features one-time Defensive Player of the Year Michael Jordan. Both Tracy McGrady and Jordan were known to be lockdown defenders in their day. Shaquille O’Neal averaged 2.3 blocks per game in his nineteen seasons, which just goes to prove his stock on defense.

It would be very interesting to see the above-mentioned squad hypothetically go up against the all-time squad Steph Curry chose when he was on the same podcast two years ago. Steph’s squad had Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal.

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