Shaquille O'Neal names stray bullies after NBA legends Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan in an effort to get them adopted

Shaquille O
Shaquille O'Neal posts on social media dogs named after NBA legends

Shaquille O'Neal has been known as the "Big Diesel" inside the basketball court as he terrorized opponents with his size and strength. Beneath that hulking exterior lies a huge, kind heart as well. In his recent Instagram stories, O'Neal named a few pit bulls NBA legends hoping they get adopted.

The dogs were from Bluegrass Bully Rescue, Inc., a non-profit organization that aims to rescue bully breeds and find them their forever families. The five 9-10 week old puppies were named Kobe, Jordan, Rodman, Barkley and Shaq.

Check out the little furry babies below:

Four of the five puppies were posted in Shaq's IG stories and are getting attention through the comment section.

Shaquille O'Neal and his random acts of kindness

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O'Neal

For those who have monitored Shaquille O'Neal's actions outside the basketball court, his random acts of kindness are not a surprise. Having amassed a $400 million net worth, the 51-year-old NBA legend always looks to give back.

There are various reports that Shaq has been handing out cash in different places, from buying engagement rings for a couple, groceries for a family during a check-out line, buying shoes for some kids, stopping on a highway to check on people involved in a highway wreck and donating his $50,000 paycheck for being a DJ in a club.

One of the more popular charity works of Shaquille O'Neal was his yearly Shaq-A-Claus, where he gives toys and meals for the youth throughout the USA. The four-time NBA champion usually hosts this event in New Jersey (Shaq's hometown). Other known locations where Shaq-A-Claus was held were Georgia, Florida, Nevada and New York.

In the most recent post in his very own Shaq Foundation, the 7-foot-1 NBA legend partnered with Icy Hot and Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta to refurbish a basketball court, turf field and tennis/pickleball court. This was not new as Shaq also did this in Las Vegas, Newark and Miami so kids will have an opportunity to have a safe place to play.

There are so many times that Shaq has taught people how to be kind, and he continues to challenge himself to do at least one nice thing to someone.

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