Shaquille O’Neal slams Rudy Gobert for venting on social media about his criticism – “Stop letting people dunk on you, put somebody on your a**”

Oklahoma City Thunder v Minnesota Timberwolves
Oklahoma City Thunder v Minnesota Timberwolves

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most dominant big men to ever play basketball. He is also an analyst for TNT and the host of The Big Podcast with Shaq. When O’Neal talks about basketball, he, quite fittingly, tends to focus on the big men in the NBA.

He has offered advice to Joel Embiid, Deandre Ayton, and Karl-Anthony Towns. On the most recent episode of his podcast, with Spice Adams and Nischelle Turner, Shaq spoke about the interaction between fans and Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert. The Frenchman is in his first year in Minnesota after being traded from Utah.

O’Neal criticized Gobert for going on social media to complain about home fans booing him.

Rudy Gobert tells booing Timberwolves fans to ‘stay home’ “I just don’t appreciate people that come in and boo your team. When you’re a fan, you gotta support your team in the tough or the good moments.” (Via @JonKrawczynski )
"Stop taking your phone and writing to whoever's writing stuff in space. Why don't you get out there and just play? There you go. I've been booed before. You know that. You're the biggest guy there, and you ain't doing let's go!" Shaquille O’Neal stated.

Minnesota fans are watching a team that is underperforming. The team acquired Rudy Gobert in the offseason for a very high price. The Timberwolves traded Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverley, Jarrett Vanderbilt, and Leandro Bolmaro to go along with four first-round draft picks to secure a deal involving the Frenchman.

O’Neal gave suggestions on how Gobert should play and what type of production he needs to have:

"Get 25 rebounds, get nine blocks. Stop letting people dunk on you. Put somebody on your ass about that instead of crying to the fans."

Gobert is a three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year. With Karl-Anthony Towns out with an injury, he is expected to do more on the offensive end as well as protect the rim. Rudy will get a chance to win over the home fans tomorrow night against Oklahoma City Thunder.

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