Steven Adams' hot take on American Thanksgiving: "Turkey's overrated, yeah"

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Steven Adams of the Memphis Grizzlies

The NBA has a rare day off on November 24 to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Steven Adams has a hot take on the beloved American holiday. The Memphis Grizzlies big man is from New Zealand, and they don't celebrate it Down Under.

In an interview after giving out boxes to families in the Memphis area, Adams was asked if they celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand. Adams revealed that they have too many holidays Down Under, but celebrates them like Irish people.

"This is your guys holiday mate," Adams said. "We got some other stuff. Way cooler, way cooler. In New Zealand, we kind of just make excuses for the holidays. We all really treated them the same, go to the pub and it's going to be similar to the Irish. I think we got a similar, similar sort of habits."
Steven Adams discussing Thanksgiving-- like only Steven Adams can. The Kiwi, not a fan of the holiday but a big fan of candied yams. Take a listen.

Steven Adams followed it up by giving his hot take on why he's not a fan of Thanksgiving. Adams believes that turkeys are dry and overrated. With the on-going debate between baked and deep fried turkeys, the Kiwi doesn't like it at all. He wasn't even feeling the candied yams while attending the Thanksgiving dinner of one of his teammates.

"I think turkey is overrated, yeah," Adams said. "Yeah, I know, hot take. I really think it's bad. It's dry. ... I think it's the yams, like these candied yams.
"One of my teammates, I went to his house and we had candied yams. I felt bad the next day, but it was worth it. It was definitely worth it. It's good. It was real good."

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Steven Adams, Memphis Grizzlies hand out Thansksgiving gifts to 100 families

Steven Adams and Dillon Brooks
Steven Adams and Dillon Brooks

The Memphis Grizzlies handed out Thanksgiving boxes to 100 families as part of giving back to the community, as reported by WREG-TV. The Grizzlies teamed up with My Town Miracles to put up packages that had turkey, ingredients, and utensils.


Players such as Steven Adams, Dillon Brooks, and Tyus Jones were in attendance at the FedEx Forum for the activity. Grizzlies coach Tyler Jenkins was also present to lend a hand. Adams told reporters that they were just trying to help people who support the team every game.

"We represent the city like, you know, it's not necessarily a duty," Adams said. "It's just how our way of, like, giving back. I mean, we genuinely want to do this because, like, the fans give so much man. They support us, and make everything really, really good for us."

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