"Still trying to hide in shadows" - NBA fans clown Chris Boucher's hilarious IG post after Pascal Siakam trade

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Fans clown Chris Boucher's IG post

Chris Boucher is the only remaining player in the Toronto Raptors 2019 championship team. After the Pascal Siakam trade, fans have noticed that Boucher is the only one left from the iconic roster that gave them their first title. The big man is aware of it and even had fun with it on Instagram.

Boucher posted on his IG about a meme of Will Smith walking around an empty room, which was a scene taken from the 90s sit-com, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Fans used the meme to make fun of the center for being the only player left from the championship roster.

The Raptors big man posted it on his IG, which had fans clowning him.

"Y'all doing me wrong with these," Boucher captioned.
Boucher posted the meme on his Instagram
Boucher posted the meme on his Instagram

Upon seeing this, fans quickly shared their reactions online. Here are some of the best reactions.

The Raptors are likely to be building a new team with Scottie Barnes as their main guy. There haven't been any reports of Boucher's future with the team, but he will likely get traded soon. The 6-foot-9 forward hasn't been impressive for Toronto, averaging 6.3 points and 3.9 rebounds.

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Chris Boucher will have more chances to play after the trade

The veteran big man may not be the best option for the Raptors, but he can still be a solid source of offense if needed. With Siakam's departure, Chris Boucher has the chance to make the most out of the vacancy while he's still on the team. Boucher is only playing 14 minutes each game and that could increase soon.

Additionally, Jakob Poeltl is currently injured and has been shut down by the team for at least two weeks. With the vacancy in the starting center spot, Boucher can see an increase in minutes and possibly his value as well. This way, the Raptors will have an easier job in finding a suitor for him if they decide to ship him.

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OKC Thunder could trade for Boucher

As the Raptors are completely overhauling their team, the OKC Thunder could be buyers in the upcoming trade deadline. Given that Toronto has a good amount of veteran players, one big man who could help them in being a force in the glass.

Boucher's experience will likely be his selling point for the Thunder to pursue him. Given the team's youth, adding a veteran presence will help them once the postseason arrives.

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