"The pace of the game" - Paul George mentors Reed Sheppard on major contrasts between NBA & college basketball

Reep Sheppard and Paul George had an interesting conversation on Podcast P
Reep Sheppard and Paul George had an interesting conversation on Podcast P

Paul George did not shy away from sharing his knowledge of the game with NBA Draft prospect Reed Sheppard on his Podcast P podcast. Sheppard is expected to be a top-five pick in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft after impressing in college with the Kentucky Wildcats.

George interviews many interesting guests on his weekly show, but Sheppard asked some fascinating questions to the host about entering the league.

Understanding the pace of a game was the most important thing Paul George shared with Sheppard about his first few seasons figuring out the NBA (Start at 55:30):

"The pace of the game is that much different than college. In college, you are used to a set offense, running through an offense using the clock. You get 30 to 35 seconds on the clock to run a play, whereas the NBA is 24 seconds but very rarely is the offense run down to 24 seconds," George said.

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College basketball having a longer shot clock is a massive difference that George confirmed causes the pace and game planning to change. Paul George noted that the Indiana Pacers currently running plays three seconds into the shot clock to control the pace and change the game for their opponents as an example.

Another interesting quote about the spacing of an NBA game saw George giving more knowledge to Sheppard (Start at 56:18):

"There is a lot more space on the floor to operate. Whether you're on offense or defense, it's more space for the offensive player to make something happen. I think that was one thing that I realized once I got comfortable in my game and worked on my game."

Paug George won the Most Improved Player of the Year and made his first All-Star appearance in his third NBA season to show why he’s the perfect person to ask about acclimating into the NBA. Sheppard showed a lot of respect by asking genuine questions about finding success in the league as a newcomer making the move from college.

Paul George was an open book helping Reed Sheppard

NBA stars hosting podcasts open new insight that fans and young players would not otherwise get to hear in such a public forum. Sheppard continued to ask Paul George questions about various other aspects of the league. George gave wise advice regarding a rookie immersing himself in a new team dynamic by being proactive:

"Get into drills, and you get into the second unit until a veteran pulls you out. Don't necessarily assume because you're a rookie, you have to be behind veterans or you have to be the third string or the third unit. Force your way into those drills. You can be a leader as a rookie. You can still have that positive effect."

Sheppard was grateful to George for being so honest and upfront about navigating the league. The lottery pick will have the benefit of advice from one of the premiere NBA All-Stars heading into his rookie season.

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