Video: Orlando Magic guard expresses will to dunk on Lebron James, says the reason is personal

NBL Rd 15 - New Zealand v Brisbane
NBL Rd 15 - New Zealand vs. Brisbane

The Orlando Magic have a promising young guard, one who already has a desire to dunk on one of their greatest players as an insane goal. Coming off his sophomore season, R.J. Hampton is hungry and looking to make an impact in the league.

On a recent episode of "No Chill with Gilbert Arenas," Hampton was asked about which current player he'd love to put on a dunk poster. Hampton responded confidently and shared the reason why picked a current star for the LA Lakers: LeBron James.

"It's cliche, but LeBron (James) and I have a reason, though." Hampton said. "Bron came from nowehere (to block a dunk). I didn't see him. No one said anything. It was just like he flew from the other side. ... And I'm mad because I didn't dunk him."
.@KingJames better watch out when you play @OrlandoMagic because @RjHampton14 is looking for revenge!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Full clip with @KingJosiah54 x Gilbert Arenas x RJ Hampton here:

As funny as his story is, the Orlando Magic guard looks like he's given himself a difficult task. Putting the 18-time All-Star on a poster is a daunting task, and not many people have succeeded in doing so. Who knows? Maybe he'll succeed in his goal in the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Here's a video of LeBron's block on the 6-foot-6 shooting guard.


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The Orlando Magic will be a fun team to watch this season

The Orlando Magic have one of the most interesting young squads around the league. With the addition of the No. 1 pick, Paolo Banchero, the Magic are a must-see team this upcoming season.

With the inexperienced talent that the Magic have collected in the past few seasons, the team is looking promising. Looking at the roster, Terrence Ross is the only player with at least 10 years of experience. Although they are on the younger side of the spectrum, other teams shouldn't underestimate the players they have.

Both the Wagner brothers, Moe and Franz, have been balling out in Europe for the German national team. Their international experience can come in handy once the season starts.

Markelle Fultz is looking for a redemption season after tearing his ACL in 2021. Although he only played 18 games last season, he showed how valuable his defensive abilities are to the team.

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Hampton is an up-and-coming guard who's trying to take his game to the next level. He started his career with the Denver Nuggets before getting traded to the Orlando Magic in 2021. With the Magic, he's shown that he's capable of playing big minutes. Also, with the way the youthful squad is constructed, Hampton should get decent playing time as compared to being on the Nuggets.

Lastly, Banchero being picked first in June's draft has elevated fan interest for the team.

The Magic may lack experience, but their squad shouldn't be overlooked.

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