Why is Jose Alvarado nicknamed “Grand Theft Alvarado”: All you need to know

New Orleans Pelicans v Charlotte Hornets
Jose Alvarado of the New Orleans Pelicans

Jose Alvarado has gotten the nickname "Grand Theft Alvarado" due to his exploits in the league. But not many know the reason for the nickname.

Alvarado is renowned for sneaking through the baseline and forcing a turnover even before the opposition crosses halfcourt. He has achieved a great deal of success in that regard, hence the origin of the moniker.

During the first round of the 2022 playoffs, he helped the New Orleans Pelicans put up a stand against the Phoenix Suns. Although they lost the series 4-2, there was a moment of belief in the Pelicans to advance.

The Georgia Tech product averaged 1.3 steals in his rookie season while playing 1.4 minutes per game off the bench. He has proved himself to be one of the energizers for the Pelicans off the bench.

For his exploits, fans dubbed him the moniker "Grand Theft Auto," and the second-year guard lived up to that expectation. The NBA's rule change regarding bench players stepping on the court has made it a tad difficult for the youngster to hide in the baseline.

Meanwhile, Jose Alvarado is determined to prove that he is more than the moniker. He stated that he wants to become one of the best guards in the league.


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Jose Alvarado shares origin of signature sneak move

Jose Alvarado of the New Orleans Pelicans
Jose Alvarado of the New Orleans Pelicans

Players are constantly inventing new things to help their teams stay competitive in the NBA. Steph Curry opened the league's eyes to how the three-point line can be exploited.

Jose Alvarado is reinventing the idea of a full-court press. While others stay in front to make things difficult for the opposition, Alvarado hides at the baseline and sneaks in for the steal when the opposition least expects it.

On JJ Reddick's "The Old Man & The Three," Alvarado revealed the origin of the move. He stated that it started as far back as AAU. He explained how he stuck to it despite being told to knock it off by some of his coaches.

"I started doing it in AAU basketball. If I could tell you that I can remember when I started doing it, I don't. Or how did it start working? I really don't remember.
"I just know when I did it, I seen in my head this could work. I was doing it when we was down like 3 in AAU and we needed a stop."

After highlighting how his AAU coach trusted him to continue doing so, he continued:

"When it was working I was like, 'Alright this is something I could do.' But every time I played in high school or college, those coaches would tell you, they told me to stop doing that. 'Don't do it. I don't care if it works one time two times, don't do it. You gotta get back.'
"I was stubborn, I didn't listen to them. ... If I get it they can't say nothing. It's like if you take a bad shot you make it, they can't say nothing. If I do it, I'mma have to get it. If I don't, I got to learn how to get back on defense right away."

Jose Alvarado's contributions have been a big boost for the soaring Pelicans this season. He has evolved from being more than a defensive player to knocking down big shots. His minutes have also improved as the coach is starting to trust him more.

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