"You're with the boy, Mike's son? You a cold motherf**ker, ain't you!" - Larsa Pippen heckled during NFL game for dating Michael Jordan's son

Larsa Pippen is rumored to be dating Marcus Jordan.
Larsa Pippen is rumored to be dating Marcus Jordan.

Scottie Pippen's ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, is rumored to be in a relationship with Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan. Larsa and Marcus attended an NFL game on Sunday to watch the LA Chargers face the Kansas City Chiefs. During the game, a fan heckled Larsa for dating Jordan's son.

The fan, who goes by @ruthlesssrich on Instagram, posted a video of him trolling the rumored couple. He approached Larsa and Marcus before starting yelling profanities at them.

"Hey Larsa, that's what you're doing?" the fan said. "You're with the boy, Mike's son? You a cold motherf**ker, ain't you! You're cold as a motherf**ker, homie."

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan didn't take the heckling too seriously, with Marcus laughing it off. Former NBA player Chandler Parsons was with the couple but didn't do anything.

Some are particularly critical of the rumored relationship between Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan. Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are not on speaking terms following the former's scathing comments about his legendary teammate.

According to TMZ Sports, the couple is not bothered by the ongoing feud between Scottie and Jordan. They have reportedly gotten close over the past couple of months and are taking things slow.

Larsa's divorce with Scottie was finalized last year, and she has been linked with several high-profile people, including Future, Eric Moreland, Tristan Thompson and Malik Beasley.

Meanwhile, Marcus has been involved with several businesses since graduating from the University of Central Florida in 2013. He played college basketball for UCF but never turned professional. He has a degree in hospitality management.


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Jalen Rose blasts Larsa Pippen for dating Marcus Jordan

Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose is an advocate of love but recently criticized Larsa Pippen for having a relationship with Marcus Jordan. Rose called out Pippen on a recent episode of "Jalen & Jacoby," and posted on social media.

"Certain relationships used to be off limits," Rose said. "And I, on paper, want everybody to be happy and to live their best life. But, the best thing I can say for her is she should see him as more of a nephew than a mate."
Larsa Pippen should see Marcus Jordan as more of a nephew than a mate!

Some might be against Larsa and Marcus' relationship, while others just want them to be happy. However, for context, Larsa's ex-husband and Marcus' father are former teammates with the Chicago Bulls. Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are often considered the greatest duo in NBA history.

Larsa and Scottie were married from 1997 to 2021. They have four children together, including Scotty Pippen Jr. who plays for the LA Lakers. Meanwhile, Marcus is MJ's second son with his first wife, Juanity Vanoy. He's only 31 and is 17 years younger than Larsa.

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