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No more zig-zagging in NBA 2K15 as rookies predict their ratings in the game

Modified 05 Aug 2014

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Tired of all the zig-zagging in the game? Not to worry anymore, as the makers of NBA 2K15 have fixed this issue in their latest installment according to YouTuber IpodKingCarter who received this piece of information from the community manager Chris Manning during a livestream. With fans already wondering about the Crew mode’s presence in the game, this news is a welcome one.

Players will no longer be swaying with the ball as the left-right movement issue has been addressed. We are yet to know what will happen when the player suddenly changes direction and presses the speed button, but we probably have to wait till the game gets released.

IpodKingCarter believes that the move is pretty much unstoppable which further highlights the fact that 2K would have found it really hard to fix that issue. Below is the video explaining it.

Rookies predict their ratings

NBA’s rookies recently answered a lot of questions posed to them and one such question that caught the attention was about their ratings in the game. It will be interesting for all these rookies as they will be playing as themselves for the very first time ever.

In NBA 2K14, Lebron James had the highest with 99 and rookies like Anthony Bennett and Victor Oladipo had a rating of 76. So with that in mind the rookies predicted their ratings, with some of them giving serious answers and others being funny and modest.

Andrew Wiggins, the 2014 draft’s first pick suggested that he might have a rating of 80 plus, whereas the second pick Jabari Parker was way too modest when he replied ‘50’. The third pick Joel Embiid predicted 90 despite the fact that he will be missing the upcoming season with an injury.


Adreian Payne saw the funny side of it when he said that he might get the same as Kobe and Lebron, with Julius Randle following the same route with a ‘99’. Nik Stauhas believes that he will get a 100 in shooting but a zero in others with the overall rating dropping to the 60’s. 

Marcus Smart tried to be very accurate in his pick when he went for 78 with Markel Brown going for 80. Once the game releases, these guys will soon be finding out how accurate their predictions were. 

Watch Shaquille O’Neal rap in order to impress Pharrell for the game’s soundtrack.

Published 05 Aug 2014, 12:00 IST
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