NBA Trade Rumors: Golden State Warriors likely to move down the draft order to land Florida State's Devin Vassell

Florida State v Virginia
Florida State v Virginia

With the 2020 NBA Draft day fast approaching, the Golden State Warriors continue to be among the headlines. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are set to return to the lineup, and the Golden State Warriors are expected to be back in the hunt for the playoffs in 2021. The Warriors got another boost to their title hopes when they landed the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft lottery. The latest NBA trade rumors suggest they might work with another team to move down the draft order in order to get Florida State's Devin Vassell.

In this article, we'll take a look at why a player like Devin Vessell might be a better fit for the Golden State Warriors despite not being a top draft prospect.

NBA Trade Rumors: Devin Vessell could be the Golden State Warriors' new Andre Iguodala

Florida State v Notre Dame
Florida State v Notre Dame

Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball are expected to be the top two picks in this year's NBA draft. There's no denying that they are extremely talented youngsters. However, the fact that they are both guards who prefer to have the ball in their hands must be considered, as the Warriors already have the best backcourt in the league because of the Splash Brothers. And so they don't need much help in that department.

21-year-old Devin Vassell can play as a small forward and has already made a reputation for himself as an elite wing defender. The Golden State Warriors definitely need more help on the defensive end, and Vassell could be the answer to their woes.

The 6 ft 7" draft prospect has also shown promise as a 3-point shooter and will be a great fit for the Warriors. He can fill in the void left by Andre Iguodala and help the Golden State Warriors in their pursuit of the championship next season.

NBA Trade Rumors: The New York Knicks can land LaMelo Ball using the Golden State Warriors' No. 2 pick

NBL Rd 15 - Illawarra v South East Melbourne
NBL Rd 15 - Illawarra v South East Melbourne

Devin Vassell is expected to go somewhere in the 5-10 range in the NBA draft, and the Golden State Warriors can trade their No. 2 pick to another team in the offseason. The New York Knicks have already expressed an interest in getting LaMelo Ball, and the Warriors' No. 2 pick might be their best chance of acquiring Ball's services.

The Knicks have the No.8 pick in the lottery, which can help the Golden State Warriors get Devin Vassell on draft night. The New York team might also have to add another young player to the trade package to make it a fair deal.

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