NBA All-time Scoring Leaders: Top 10 regular season scorers in NBA history

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Achyut Dubey

There are tons of ways to score in basketball. Layups, deep 3-pointers, 2-point mid-range jumpers, And-1, free throws, mid-range floaters, dunks .. you name it. 

But some men took basketball offence to new zeniths, piling up mountains worth of points before hanging their kicks and leaving the game better than what they found it as. Generations of basketball prodigies graced the 94 x 50 feet piece of wood and left us with plays we never thought could be made possible with just a basketball and a rim. 

We've heard "offense is the best kind of defense" on numerous occasions, but the following men redefined it on a regular basis and made it a part of their basketball being. While dribbling the ball down the court, with the clock running down, shooters in place waiting for the catch-and-shoot, crowd on its feet, opponents on their toes with their arms out wide, a heartbeat in sync with the ball hitting the hardwood and a brain racing through all possible options to get the ball inside the bucket in 24 seconds, they would absorb it all in and let go, with just their basketball instincts by their side. 

Here, we will look at the NBA All-time scoring list, at the players who graced the basketball court and left us with highlights to cherish for a lifetime.

#10 Elvin Hayes

Hayes is the all-time leading scorer for the Washington Bullets/Wizards.
Hayes is the all-time leading scorer for the Washington Bullets/Wizards.

Elvin Ernest Hayes joined the NBA with the San Diego Rockets in 1968 and went on to lead the NBA in scoring with 28.4 points per game and was named to the NBA All-Rookie Team. Hayes and Unseld later led the Washington Bullets to three NBA Finals (1975, 1978 and 1979), and an NBA title with the Seattle SuperSonics in 1978.

An inductee in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and member of the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, Elvin Hayes has played in 1,303 NBA games spending 50,000 minutes on-court and stacking up 27,313 points in the process.

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