What happened to Cartier Woods? Vaccine fears abound as Detroit Basketball player dies aged 18

Cartier Woods
Cartier Woods tragically passed away at the age of 18 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cartier Woods, an 18-year-old high school basketball player, passed away on Monday. Woods attended Detroit Northwestern High School and suffered a cardiac arrest on January 31 during a basketball game against Fredrick Douglass Academy.

Woods' demise has caused a lot of speculation and many internet users blame the COVID-19 vaccine for it. There have been a lot of theories regarding the tragic death and a lot of people believe that it was caused by a vaccine.

However, Woods' vaccination status hasn't even been revealed yet.

The young basketball star collapsed three minutes into the game after telling his coach that he was feeling dizzy. Unfortunately, this was the last basketball game Cartier Woods ever played as he passed away just a few days later.

Cartier Woods was a basketball player whose death has been blamed on COVID-19 vaccines

Many internet users blamed COVID-19 vaccines for Woods' death, even though his vaccination status is unknown. However, these users pointed out several other deaths that have occurred recently.

While there is no known link between Woods' cardiac arrest and a vaccine, this did not stop Twitter users from posting various conspiracy theories. They are blaming pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, for the death of the young boy.

One user falsely claimed that the fatality rate from the coronavirus was lower with natural immunity. However, many high school athletes were required to get a vaccine in order to be eligible to play sports.

While there is no connection between the vaccine and the cardiac arrest Cartier Woods suffered, vaccine deniers still believe that they know the truth.

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Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that people who oppose vaccines will change their opinion regarding the tragic incident.

Despite having no evidence that the young basketball player was vaccinated, people assumed that he was, which is why they blamed the vaccine for his death.

Who was Cartier Woods?

While many have used Woods' death to affirm their beliefs, the truth is that the incident was a horrible tragedy. The world has lost another young and talented child who had a lot of potential.

Woods, who was on life support for a week before he passed away, played basketball since he was 10. He was adopted by Dwanda Woods when he was only three days old and was given a chance to become a basketball star.


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Melonie Woods, Cartier's sister, revealed that the young boy wanted to become a football or basketball player. He dreamt of playing college basketball. Unfortunately, his tragic death shocked his family and many basketball fans around the world.

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