“When it comes to social media, Kevin has got a loose screw up there”: Skip Bayless talks about Kevin Durant’s rant against Michael Rappaport

Kevin Durant has been criticized for his response to Michael Rappaport during a private conversation.
Kevin Durant has been criticized for his response to Michael Rappaport during a private conversation.
Modified 20 Apr 2021

Recently, American actor/comedian Michael Rappaport revealed snapshots of personal conversations that he had with NBA superstar Kevin Durant back in December 2020.

The pair had a heated conversation surrounding Kevin Durant's refusal to answer post-match questions, which led to the actor criticizing him on Twitter. KD was not impressed, and ended up hurling abuse at Michael Rappaport, which included threats of personal attack..

Earlier today, the actor posted screenshots of the conversation, leading to widespread criticism. The issue was the focus of the opening segment on Undisputed today morning. Both Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe seemed unimpressed with Kevin Durant, with the former suggesting that such social media squabble should be above the Brooklyn Nets star.

Skip Bayless criticizes Kevin Durant for threatening actor Michael Rappaport

The screenshots of the personal conversation can be seen above. Kevin Durant was not happy with Charles Barkley’s line of questioning during a TNT post-game interview. While the 2-times Finals MVP was respectful of others on the TNT crew, he took a particular hard stance against the former NBA legend, ultimately ending each question with just one word answers.

Over the years, Charles Barkley has never shied away from speaking his mind, which has often resulted in harsh criticism towards Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, something which obviously disturbed the former.

Michael Rappaport commented on Twitter on the matter, leading to KD going on a rant against him during a personal conversation.

Kevin Durant has recently apologized for the alleged “homophobic” rant, although Skip Bayless was not impressed

“When it comes to social media, for me, Kevin has got a loose screw up there. It just goes haywire where he can’t control himself. What is my constant (is that) Kevin Durant- he do rant on social media. He will just rant and rant and rant at any and everybody. And I say this is Kevin freaking Durant. To me, the best player on the planet. Isn’t this beneath him?”

While the conversation in question was private in nature, Skip Bayless was of the opinion that it warrants action from the NBA. Shannon Sharpe went on to speculate that perhaps Durant has been frustrated, due to recent events.

“Maybe it’s frustration. Kevin Durant has been out for like seven weeks. It seems like he cannot catch a break. Everything has compounded for him. Here I am back again, the team is playing really well without me. Kevin Durant is not used to a team playing so well without him. Oklahoma City when he was out, you know, they couldn’t do a Brooklyn, so maybe it’s frustration. But KD you can’t respond, in this manner.”
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had been criticized by Charles Barkley.
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had been criticized by Charles Barkley.

While the Brooklyn Nets’ superstar has apologized about the rant on social media, it will be interesting to see whether the NBA decides to take action against him for a private conversation.

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Published 31 Mar 2021, 21:20 IST
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