Who is Davion Mitchell? Is he related to Donovan Mitchell? Looking closely at the prospective NBA rookie's profile

Davion Mitchell of the Baylor Bears
Davion Mitchell of the Baylor Bears
Kunal Sethi

Davion Mitchell is a highly scouted prospect entering the 2021 NBA Draft. He is the consensus top 10 and will certainly improve any NBA roster he gets drafted into. Mitchell's game uncannily resembles Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell's game style.

With the same initials and last name, it has led many to believe that the two athletes are related. However, we have learned that it's not true and the two are not related in any way other than their name and style of play.

How is Davion Mitchell's game?

Davion Mitchell is one of the best defenders entering this draft class. He is elite both on and off the ball on defense and reminds people of Jrue Holiday on that side of the floor. He sets the tone for intensity in the game with his hustle and focus as he chases down for blocks, dives for loose balls and willingly takes charge. He will crowd passing lanes to come up with steals, relocate and closeout shooters and bother opposing guards and wings by being an off-ball pest.

On the ball, Davion Mitchell is a switchable guard who uses his lateral quickness to defend against quick guards and wings. Although he is 6-foot-2, he hasn't let his size be a factor on defense. Mitchell is disciplined in the pick-and-roll who fights through screens and stays in front of his man. He has shown a high IQ on the defensive end of the floor, he always makes the right decisions and is found at the right position at the right time.

Davion Mitchell of the Baylor Bears
Davion Mitchell of the Baylor Bears

What makes Davion Mitchell a top 10 prospect is his improvement on the offensive end of the floor, making him an excellent two-way player. He made massive strides in his scoring and that has now led him to be a highly scouted player entering the 2021 NBA Draft. He shot 31% from three-point range in his first two years and improved it to 44% in his junior year.

Davion Mitchell is a dynamic shot creator who can pull up off the dribble or drive to the rim to finish with either hand. He was part of the 2021 NCAA Championship team and has shown poise and patience in his game. He can handle pressure and often make decisions calmly. Mitchell uses subtle pump fakes and hesitations to finish in the paint. He uses his speedy first step, slick handle and change of direction to create space for jumpers or drives.

Another great addition to his game is his playmaking. He makes accurate reads and passes to cutters and shooters. Davion Mitchell is comfortable handling the ball under pressure and was the primary point guard in the NCAA championship run.

How was Davion Mitchell in Baylor and what are his chances in the 2021 NBA Draft?

Davion Mitchel of the Baylor Bears holds the 2021 NCAA championship trophy
Davion Mitchel of the Baylor Bears holds the 2021 NCAA championship trophy

As mentioned earlier, Davion Mitchell was the starting point guard in the 2021 NCAA championship run of the Baylor Bears. He led the school to its first-ever NCAA title and first Finals appearance since 1948. The team finished the season with a remarkable record of 28-2. They faced just two defeats the entire way, regular season, Big 12 and NCAA and were 18-0 at one point in their season.

In his junior year with the Baylor Bears, Davion Mitchell played and started all 30 games and averaged 33 minutes per game. He averaged 14.0 points and 5.5 assists and just 2.4 turnovers per game. Mitchell also shot 51.1% from the field on 10+ attempts a game including 44.7% from beyond the arc on nearly 5 attempts a night. He also grabbed 1.9 steals per game with surprisingly less fouling. The only area he needs to improve is his free-throw shooting as he shot just 64% from the charity stripe but the reality is that he rarely got to the foul line.

As of right now, the majority of publications and mock drafts have Davion Mitchell going at No. 7 in the 2021 NBA Draft which puts him in the lap of the Golden State Warriors. The Ringer's and ESPN's mock draft both have Golden State selecting Mitchell at 7th.

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Edited by Prem Deshpande
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