Who is Michael Jordan’s daughter Victoria Jordan, and where is she now? Taking a closer look at her personal life

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan's eight-year old daughter, Victoria Jordan (right)

As great a player as Michael Jordan is, none of his children have replicated his on-court greatness. Although he has five children, it doesn't look like Jordan's kids will find success in the NBA.

Of Jordan's five children, only two are male. Both Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan were able to see firsthand the greatness of their father. But all they did was go as far as college basketball. MJ's third child is Jasmine, who's usually working behind the scenes at the Jordan Brand. MJ's second marriage to his current wife, Yvette, Prieto has produced twin girls, Victoria and Ysabel.

Victoria, aged 8, is one of MJ's youngest daughters. Even at a young age, Victoria is experiencing the limelight brought on by her star parents.

Born to a father who's a former NBA champion and a supermodel mother, Victoria is exposed to the bright lights of stardom. However, her parents have been doing an excellent job in keeping their daughters' lives private. Even so, there has been minimal exposure of the two through the internet.

Victoria is still young and it looks like both MJ and Yvette are letting her enjoy her childhood by keeping her away from traditional and social media. Victoria Jordan's life will be watched closely as her parents have achieved incredible success in their fields. Who knows, maybe she'll pursue a much different career than her parents did.

Michael Jordan's kids carved out a different career than their legendary father

Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan
Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is known as the best basketball player in NBA history. His accolades with the Chicago Bulls, and the way he was able to achieve them, defined basketball during the 1990s.

For a player who has five children, one would think that maybe one would be able to get some of his on-court greatness. But that's not been the case.

His first two sons, Marcus and Jeffrey, weren't as good as their dad and probably faced a ton of pressure due to this. Jeffrey, the older of the two, spent five years playing college basketball. The first three were with Illinois, and his last two were with the University of Central Florida. He only averaged 1.6 points, 1.2 assists and 0.8 rebounds in his collegiate career.


Marcus, on the other hand, had a more successful college career. Through three seasons with UCF, Jordan averaged 12.3 points, 2.7 assists and 0.9 steals.

But ultimately, they weren't able to make it into the professional leagues and slowly transitioned into being businessmen.

Jeffrey co-founded the Jordan Avakian Group in 2020, and Marcus launched his own high-end shoe store called Trophy Room in 2019.

While both of Jordan's sons didn't make it into the NBA, their father's status has helped them transition into other ventures.

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