Ashes Biggest Wins

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The Ashes is cricket’s oldest and one of the most celebrated rivalries. The Ashes originated in 1882 and is generally played biennially. In the beginning, England fully dominated the series and won the first eight Ashes. During this time, they secured some of the Ashes biggest wins.

List of Ashes Biggest Wins By Innings :

WinnerMarginOppositionGroundMatch Date
Englandinns & 579 runsv AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 1938
Australiainns & 332 runsv EnglandBrisbane29 Nov 1946
Englandinns & 230 runsv AustraliaAdelaide24 Mar 1892
Englandinns & 225 runsv AustraliaMelbourne9 Feb 1912
Englandinns & 217 runsv AustraliaThe Oval12 Aug 1886
Australiainns & 200 runsv EnglandMelbourne26 Feb 1937
Australiainns & 180 runsv EnglandNottingham10 Aug 1989
Englandinns & 170 runsv AustraliaManchester26 Jul 1956
Englandinns & 157 runsv AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2010
Australiainns & 154 runsv EnglandBrisbane26 Nov 1954

The biggest win in Ashes by margin is of an innings and 579 runs when England defeated Australia in the final match of the 1938 Ashes at The Oval. Batting first after winning the toss, English batsmen put a total of 907 runs on the board at the loss of seven wickets before the innings was declared. This total is the highest Test innings total to feature a batsman with a duck. In their first innings, Australia got all out for 201 runs and was asked to follow-on by England. In the second innings, all Australian batsmen were back in the pavilion for 123 runs, giving England the largest victory in Ashes.

List of Ashes Biggest Wins By Runs :

WinnerMarginOppositionGroundMatch Date
England675 runsv AustraliaBrisbane30 Nov 1928
Australia562 runsv EnglandThe Oval18 Aug 1934
Australia409 runsv EnglandLord's24 Jun 1948
Australia405 runsv EnglandLord's16 Jul 2015
Australia384 runsv EnglandBrisbane7 Nov 2002
Australia382 runsv EnglandAdelaide11 Jan 1895
Australia381 runsv EnglandBrisbane21 Nov 2013
Australia377 runsv EnglandSydney17 Dec 1920
Australia365 runsv EnglandMelbourne1 Jan 1937
England347 runsv AustraliaLord's18 Jul 2013

The biggest wins by runs in Ashes belong to England when they defeated Australia by 675 runs in the 27th Ashes, in 1928. It was the first test if the series in Brisbane. Batting first England scored 521 runs. In response, the Australian batsmen were not able to do well and were bowled out for 122 runs. In the second innings, England scored 342 runs before declaring the innings, thus giving a target of 742 runs. The Aussies were bowled out for a paltry 66, as England won the match by 675 runs.

List of Ashes Biggest Wins By Wickets :

WinnerMarginOppositionGroundMatch Date
England10 wicketsv AustraliaMelbourne1 Jan 1885
Australia10 wicketsv EnglandLord's15 Jun 1899
England10 wicketsv AustraliaBirmingham27 May 1909
Australia10 wicketsv EnglandNottingham28 May 1921
England10 wicketsv AustraliaSydney2 Dec 1932
Australia10 wicketsv EnglandAdelaide30 Jan 1959
Australia10 wicketsv EnglandBrisbane23 Nov 1990
Australia10 wicketsv EnglandSydney2 Jan 2007
Australia10 wicketsv EnglandBrisbane23 Nov 2017
Australia9 wicketsv EnglandMelbourne30 Dec 1882

The biggest win by wickets in Ashes is of 10 wickets, which has been done a total of nine times. Out of these nine 10 wicket victories, Australia has six to their name. The first 10 wickets win came in the 1885 Ashes at Melbourne where England defeated Australia to win their third consecutive Ashes. Australia’s first 10 wickets win came in 1899 at Lord’s, the year they won their first Ashes on English soil.