Ashes Most Ten Wicket Hauls

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The Ashes, is perhaps the most fiercely contested cricket series in the world. Bowling is one of the three crucial aspects of cricket, especially Test cricket. And over the years many of the matches have been won by bowlers for their teams. Taking a wicket in a match is in itself a remarkable feat. Ashes 5 wicket hauls is worthy of appreciation and applause. But 10 wickets in the same match is a rare event. In Ashes, over the years we have had several bowlers achieving this feat.

Below is a list of Bowlers with most ten wickets in Ashes -

Most 10 Wicket Hauls in Ashes

Player NameTeamSpanMatchesWickets10 wickets in a matchBest Bowling figures in an inningsBest Bowling figures in a matchEconomyStrike Rate
James T. RichardsonEngland1893-1898148848/9413/2442.9651.1
Shane WarneAustralia1993-20073619548/7112/2462.5255.1
George LohmannEngland1886-1896157738/3512/1041.8142.9
J BriggsEngland1884-1899319736/4512/1362.4250.9
Bill O'ReillyAustralia1932-19381910237/5411/1291.9777
Hugh TrumbleAustralia1890-19043114138/6512/892.2355.9
Ranji HordernAustralia1911-191253227/9012/1752.8152
Rodney HoggAustralia1978-1983115626/7410/662.1746.9
Fred SpofforthAustralia1882-1887135927/4411/1172.3151.6
Jim LakerEngland1948-19591579210/5319/902.1650.7
Charlie TurnerAustralia1887-18951710127/4312/871.9351.2
Arthur MaileyAustralia1920-1926188629/12113/2363.3860.4
Derek UnderwoodEngland1968-1977258827/5011/2152.0277.8
Monty NobleAustralia1898-19093911524366313/772.4859.9
Dennis LilleeAustralia1971-19822412827/8911/1592.4554.6
Alec BedserEngland1946-19542110427/4414/992.4267.9
Clarrie GrimmettAustralia1925-19342210626/3711/822.2586.4

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English cricketer T Richardson tops the list of Ashes most ten wickets in a match, tied with Australian legend Shane Warne, achieving the feat on four occasions. Then we have GA Lohmann(Eng), J Briggs(Eng), WJ O'Reilly(Aus) and H Trumble(Aus) all following with 3 such occasions under their belts. An interesting trend which might be noticed in the table is that most of the names are from the golden age era of cricket and apart from Shane Warne and DK Lillee we don't see any other modern day cricketers with their names up on the list. This can be attributed to the modernization of the game and better standards of batting making this already rare feat, even more rare.

Jim Laker holds a special place in this list because out of the two times that he has achieved this exceptional feat, he has done it once in a single innings, becoming the only bowler to take a 10 wicket haul in Ashes, and the first bowler in the world to do so. The Englishmen had this remarkable achievement in 1956 Ashes. In that match, the Aussies were bowled out for just 84 runs in the first innings were asked to follow-on. It was Jim Laker’s 9 wickets which helped England to wrap the Australians. Already soaring high with none wickets in the first innings, Laker had something even more special as he went on to become the first bowler in the history of International Cricket to take 10 wickets in an innings. Completing with a figure of 51.2-23-53-10, he took a total of 19 wickets in the match which still stands as a world record for most number of wickets in a single Test match.