5 biggest waste of money GTA Online cars as per fans

GTA Online car
Five worthless cars in GTA Online as per fans (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are over 500 GTA Online cars that you can currently buy in the multiplayer game. Rockstar Games charges different amounts for each car and also offers different features and utilities. While some purchases turn out to be useful, others, the complete opposite. Recently, players on the r/GTAOnline subreddit discussed what useless car they had spent money on in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

Many talked about various vehicles that served no purpose. But, some of them were repeated by multiple users. This article lists five cars that became the biggest waste of money for several GTA Online players.

Note: Some parts of the article are subjective and reflect the writer’s opinions. The listing is not in any order.

Five cars that GTA Online players regret spending their money on

1) Vapid Taxi

The Vapid Taxi is a relatively new vehicle in GTA Online that became available for purchase after the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update. Rockstar Games charges a standard price of $650,000 and a trade price of $487,500 for the vehicle. According to Redditor u/Lolbit-AR, it was the biggest waste of money for them in the multiplayer game.

The user stated that although Rockstar Games charges a premium price for a basic vehicle, it cannot be customized. According to them, stealing the Vapid Taxi is better than wasting money on it.

2) Pfister Comet S2

An image of the Comet S2 in Grand Theft Auto Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
An image of the Comet S2 in Grand Theft Auto Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Pfister Comet S2 is a sports and tuner car that is also one of the returning vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 6. However, for Redditor u/undecimbre, it was a bad investment in GTA Online.

According to the user, the performance of the vehicle is not up to the mark, especially the handling. They further added that the Pfister Comet S2 performs poorly in tight corners and bumpy roads.

It is worth noting that the car was designed for freestyle drifting in GTA Online. Therefore, it has a loose rear control which bothers many players.

3) Vapid Slamtruck


The Vapid Slamtruck is notorious as one of the most useless vehicles in GTA Online, and Redditor u/BuryMeWithTheLights learned it the hard way. Rockstar Games charges a solid price of $1,310,000. Considering the name and looks of the vehicle, one would expect it to ram and carry other cars.

However, the Vapid Slamtruck cannot do either of them properly. The bed of the vehicle is very hard to climb on. Even if you manage to do so, the vehicles won’t stay in place once the truck moves. The ramming power is also weak, causing you to stop.

4) Brute Police Riot

An image of the Police Riot (Image via GTA Wiki)
An image of the Police Riot (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Brute Police Riot is one of the cop cars in GTA Online that became available for purchase after The Chop Shop DLC Update. While players had high expectations from it, Rockstar Games failed to impress them.

According to Redditor u/SkupperNog, the GTA Online police car cannot be customized, which is a bummer for many. Another thing players should note is that it is a Pegasus vehicle and cannot be stored in your personal garage.

5) Brute Boxville (Post OP)


The Brute Boxville (Post OP) is unsurprisingly one of the most despised vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar Games provides it as one of the delivery vehicles for MC businesses in GTA Online, and this is where the community learned about its poor performance.

According to Redditor u/GBNLKID1994, although the Brute Boxville is a cheap vehicle, it is still a waste of money. The vehicle is very slow and goes out of control only with a slight bump. Players often skip MC business sell missions that include the Post OP Brute Boxville.

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