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UFC 246 McGregor v Cowboy: Weigh-Ins
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Conor McGregor is unarguably the biggest superstar in the world of professional mixed martial arts as of now. His entry into the business not only changed the perspective of fight promotions regarding the business but also added a completely different appeal to the sport. McGregor has a very different personality and at the time of his arrival at the UFC, he offered a refreshing form of entertainment, winning hearts worldwide. The former two-division UFC champion has always exhibited unparalleled confidence, prudence, and due diligence when it comes to taking care of his business inside the octagon, and it's not surprising why the Irishman has a fan following encompassing national barriers across the globe.

Conor McGregor made his debut in the UFC in 2013. After a few matches, he squared off with Chad Mendes at UFC 185 in 2015 in an interim UFC featherweight championship showdown. McGregor knocked him out in the second round to win the interim title. In his next fight, McGregor locked horns with Jose Aldo in a featherweight title showdown. The fight remains one of the many famous bouts he has been a part of ever since his debut in the UFC. McGregor famously shut Aldo's lights out in thirteen seconds of the first round to unify the featherweight titles and become the undisputed champion in the division.

Conor McGregor became a star overnight and his career as he marched forward is adorned with some of the most memorable fights in professional mixed martial arts. His bouts with Dustin Poirier, Nate Diaz, and the undefeated Russian lightweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov are a few of the many fights which have been career defining to the fighters involved with him besides bringing in a record number of pay-per-view sales for the promotion.

Conor McGregor's Last Fight Details

In his most recent showdown, Conor McGregor locked horns with Dustin Poirier in a trilogy bout at UFC 264 on July 10, 2021. At the beginning of the inaugural round of the bout, McGregor came out with two spinning body kicks bundled with a calf kick, somewhat imitating Poirier from UFC 257. This intimidating barrage of kicks continued showering on Dustin Poirier and ended with a big left hand.

Dustin Poirier then countered with a similar leg kick, followed by a left hand to distance McGregor. After a failed attempt at a guillotine choke on Poirier, McGregor was countered by a series of stiff punches accompanied by big elbows by Poirier. A few seconds in, Conor attempted a left hand, and as soon as he stepped back on his left leg, it snapped. He instantly fell down on his back, screaming in pain due to the gruesome injury.

Dustin Poirier punched him regardless, taking advantage of the situation. Ultimately, he was stopped by a loud horn, followed by the ringside doctor barging in, concluding the fight and Dustin Poirier getting declared as the winner via first-round TKO due to the doctor's stoppage.

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Conor McGregor being taken away from the octagon on a stretcher

Conor McGregor's Post Fight Interview at UFC 264


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FAQs on Conor McGregor's Last Fight

Q. What is the professional MMA record of Conor McGregor?

A. He has a professional record of 22 wins and 6 losses.

Q. Has Conor McGregor ever defeated Dustin Poirier?

A. Yes, he defeated him in their first fight at UFC 178.

Q. Who did Conor McGregor face in his most recent fight?

A. He fought Dustin Poirier in his most recent fight at UFC 264.

Q. When will Conor McGregor fight next?

A. It is not announced officially by the UFC as of February 2024.

Q. What is the professional boxing debut of Conor McGregor?

A. He has a professional boxing record of 0 wins and 1 loss.