2021 NFL Schedule: Washington Football Team game-by-game & win-loss predictions

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Football Team
Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team, who won the NFC East in 2020, will enter their second season with Ron Rivera as head coach.

Last season, the Washington Football Team released quarterback Dwayne Haskins, while Alex Smith retired this off-season. With veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick now their quarterback, the Washington Football Team, with their young defense, will look to stay atop a competitive NFC East division.

Washington Football Team 2021 Schedule - Predictions

Here is a game-by-game analysis of the Washington Football Team 2021 regular-season campaign:

Week 1: vs Los Angeles Chargers

Prediction: W 31-24

Justin Herbert is a young, capable quarterback and also the reigning Rookie of the Year winner. But the Washington Football Team's secondary should prove to be too strong for his team.

Week 2: vs New York Giants

Prediction: L 28-21

The New York Giants showed improvement last season, with new head coach Joe Judge. Saquon Barkley will return from an ACL injury, while the Giants signed Kenny Golladay and drafted Kadrius Toney. That means the Giants could be too fast for the Washington Football Team to handle.

Week 3: at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: L 35-17

The Buffalo Bills were just one game away from a trip to the Super Bowl. The Bills won the AFC East and were dominant all season long. The Washington Football Team will have a hard time keeping tabs on the Bills offense and, in particular, Stefon Diggs.

Week 4: at Atlanta Falcons

Prediction: W 28-27

The Washington Football Team should have the upper hand in their matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons struggled last season and haven't improved this off-season. Moreover, Julio Jones will likely have departed by the start of the 2021 season.

Week 5: vs New Orleans Saints

Prediction: W 21-17

This one may not be a high scoring game by any means. Ryan Fitzpatrick will face former Bucs teammate Jameis Winston, who is likely to be the starter for the Saints. But Fitzpatrick and the Washington Football Team should have the better defense and pull out the win at home.

Week 6: vs Kansas City Chiefs

Prediction: L 35-14

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes, with a newly built offensive line, will likely prove too much for the Washington Football Team's young secondary to handle. The Chiefs' defense could pick apart Washington's offense easily.

Week 7: at Green Bay Packers

Prediction: L 28-21

This prediction is based solely on the fact that Aaron Rodgers will start for the Green Bay Packers. If there is a change by week 7, the Washington Football Team will have the advantage and be able to escape Lambeau Field with a win.

Week 8: at Denver Broncos

Prediction: L 38-21

The Denver Broncos' offense might not be the most explosive in the NFL. But the Broncos have continued to work on building a solid defense to keep themselves in games. The Washington Football Team, who are working to establish their offensive identity, could struggle with that.

Week 9: BYE.

Week 10: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Prediction: L 35-21

Against one of his former teams, Ryan Fitzpatrick could have their hands full against the reigning Super Bowl champions. The Buccaneers have brought back all of their defensive starters, which is impressive and scary. The Buccaneers beat the Washington Football Team in the wild card game in 2020 when Taylor Heinicke was at quarterback.

Week 11: at Carolina Panthers

Prediction: W 28-21

This will be Ron Rivera's first time back in Carolina after he was fired in the 2019 season. The Carolina Panthers will likely start Sam Darnold in Matt Rhule's second season as head coach. So Rivera and the Washington Football Team should be able to pull out the win with their seasoned veterans.

Week 12: vs Seattle Seahawks

Prediction: W 21-14

This could end up being the Washington Football Team's most surprising win of the season. During this stretch of the season, the Seahawks will play the Packers and Cardinals before traveling to the east coast to take on Washington. The Seahawks tend to struggle on the east coast, so this could be a chance for the Washington Football Team to squeak out a win.

Week 13: at Las Vegas Raiders

Prediction: W 35-27

The Washington Football Team will likely struggle at times against the Raiders but should take the win anyway. The Raiders have issues in defense, and they haven't fixed any of them during the off-season.

Week 14: vs Dallas Cowboys

Prediction: L 28-10

Even though the first game of their series against the Dallas Cowboys will be at home, the Washington Football Team will likely struggle against the Cowboys' offense.

Week 15: at Philadelphia Eagles

Prediction: W 28-14

This is a rematch of the last game of the 2020 season, which the Washington Football Team clinched to win the NFC East. The Eagles have a new head coach but could rely on Jalen Hurts to fix the offense against a division rival. That would augur well for the Washington Football Team's hopes of winning this game.

Week 16: at Dallas Cowboys

Prediction: L 35-10

Dak Prescott is back, and so are all of the Dallas Cowboys fans, who should pack the AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys will likely seek revenge for their loss last Thanksgiving, so they should get a win against the Washington Football Team.

Week 17: vs Philadelphia Eagles

Prediction: W 21-3

This is the part of the schedule where the Washington Football Team will play in the NFC East. The Eagles could be out of contention at this point, so Washington could coast to a win.

Week 18: at New York Giants

Prediction: L 35-10

The New York Giants' offense could be too much to handle for the Washington Football Team. It's the last game of the season, but considering the NFC East is always decided towards the end of the season, there's no telling if either team would have qualified for the playoffs by this point.

2021 Washington Football Team Season Prediction: 8-9.

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