4 multi-million dollar investments made by Antonio Brown

WR Antonio Brown at Super Bowl LV
WR Antonio Brown at Super Bowl LV
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Adam Hulse

Antonio Brown was once the most dominant wide receiver in the NFL. He had one of the greatest peaks in NFL history in a six-year stretch between the 2013 and 2018 NFL seasons, being selected to the Pro Bowl each year with five All-Pro selections and finishing in the top three for Offensive Player of the Year three times.

During his peak, Antonio Brown recorded over 100 receptions and more than 1,250 receiving yards in six consecutive seasons. His stellar play on the field earned him massive contract and endorsement deals, making him the highest paid wide receiver in NFL history at the time, during the 2017 season.

AB got paid well throughout his career.He earned over $100M from NFL contracts with the:• Raiders• Patriots• Steelers• BuccaneersHe was the highest paid WR in the history of the NFL in 2017.

Just as impressive as his production on the football field has been his incredible success in the business world. Antonio Brown is one of the highest earning investors in NFL history from his various ventures and connections. Here are five of his biggest and most successful investments during his career.

Four of Antonio Brown's biggest investments

NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown
NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown

#1 - Music career

Brown has been building his musical career for many years while releasing several albums and streaming a ton of his own original songs. He has also used his connections to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Kanye West. These collaborations bring credibility to his work.

4. MusicAB launched his new album "Paradigm" last week. Vydia production pays him $5m/yr to drop his music on their platform. He’s appeared in collab videos with other artists and is performing at @RollingLoud.

Brown has done a good job of investing in himself for another career besides football. He has turned his hard work into a deal with Vydia, paying him five million dollars per year to drop his new music on their platform.


#2 - Boomin Estates

Brown started his own real estate company called Boomin Estates, named after his trademark catchphrase he created, "Business is Boomin." He also partnered with one of the richest athletes in the world, Floyd Mayweather, to invest in commercial real estate projects.

3) Real EstateAB founded "Boomin Estates" a few years ago to start investing in properties. He partnered with Floyd Mayweather's $100M commercial real estate company.He also owns the Florida gym "84/7" along with 5 homes throughout the US.

#3 - Boomin Productions

Boomin Productions is Brown's brand that includes many different avenues of business, including entertainment and licensing. He also has an apparel line and plans to advance his relationship with Kanye West into a partnership there. Brown and West have already worked together on several projects, including Donda Sports, where West is the founder and Brown is the president.

1) Boomin ProductionsBrown created the catch phrase:"Business is Boomin"The Boomin brand includes:• apparel• licensing• publishing• entertainmentNext, he plans on launching a sports apparel brand with Kanye West.

#4 - Web 3.0 NFTs


Like many athletes recently, Brown is getting involved in the world of NFTs. He has been a part of turning some of the epic and controversial moments of his career into NFTs with Web3, including when he stormed off the field for the Buccaneers against the Jets during the 2021 NFL season, resulting in his release from the team.

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