5 NFL QBs who could be affected by Jalen Hurts’ stratospheric contract extension ft. Dak Prescott

Could Dak Prescott and others be affected by Jalen Hurts
Could Dak Prescott and others be affected by Jalen Hurts' contract?

The NFL's quarterback market continues to be reset. Jalen Hurts just signed a deal to make him the highest-paid player in NFL history. His five-year, $255 million deal is worth more per year than any other player has ever had. It's one of the biggest contracts in sports.

As usual, deals are not contained. Each NFL contract has a ripple effect that can change things for others. The bigger the deal and the more prominent the player (or position), the bigger the effect is. Here are a few notable examples of stars whose lives are now changed thanks to Hurts' extension.

NFL QBs that the Jalen Hurts deal could affect

5) Dak Prescott

Could Jalen Hurts' deal impact Dak Prescott?
Could Jalen Hurts' deal impact Dak Prescott?

Dak Prescott is up for a new contract in 2025. He will be an unrestricted free agent then and still presumably in his prime. If he can manage to continue performing like a top NFL quarterback and cut down on the turnovers, he will likely be in line for another substantial contract.

His $40 million deal is already big, but with the market getting bigger and bigger, $40 million will eventually look like a steal. Whether or not he gets better may be irrelevant- Prescott may make the same or more on his next deal regardless.

4) Trevor Lawrence


Trevor Lawrence is an unrestricted free agent in 2026, so there's one more year for the market to explode than there is for Prescott. However, Lawrence will be coming off his rookie deal and will easily be in his prime. Assuming he continues his upward trajectory, it wouldn't be a big surprise to see him get more money than Hurts just did.

3) Lamar Jackson


Lamar Jackson may be the biggest beneficiary of Jalen Hurts' new contract. Jackson has been seeking a guaranteed contract and the Eagles just gave Hurts the second-most guaranteed money ever. Jackson has an MVP and Hurts was only a runner up, so it could be a nice bargaining chip. Either way, it makes him look better in his fued with the Baltimore Ravens and it could very well lead him to a nice deal somewhere.

2) Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert stands to gain from Hurts' deal
Justin Herbert stands to gain from Hurts' deal

Justin Herbert is coming up on the end of his rookie contract. While he might not be quite as decorated as Hurts is so far, he's easily one of the league's best quarterbacks. Whenever a major deal like this goes down, those in line for extensions are always the ones to benefit. Herbert's deal with the Los Angeles Chargers should be massive.

1) Joe Burrow

How much will Joe Burrow make now?
How much will Joe Burrow make now?

Joe Burrow's impending extension is no secret. The Cincinnati Bengals are going to extend him eventually and he's going to make a lot of money. While it's a team appearance, a quarterback who's been to two AFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl in three seasons will get a lot of money. How much he gets likely just increased thanks to Hurts' NFL-record contract.

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