"It was humiliating" - Brett Favre’s sexting scandal took the NFL by storm, forcing league to slap $50,000 fine on QB

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Brett Favre has been involved in multiple scandals

Brett Favre is best known for being a Green Bay Packers quarterback, but he briefly played for two other teams- the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets. While he was a member of the Jets, he sent inappropriate texts to a gameday hostess named Jenn Sterger.

In 2011, Sterger opened up about the incident, calling it embarrassing, according to ABC News:

"You know, I was trying to go to work. Do my job. But how are you supposed to report on the news when you are the news. ... It was tough. It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. All I wanted to do was go to work. Do my job. That's all I wanted."

She added that she never wanted anything to do with the entire scandal:

"I didn't want anything to do with it. That's the thing. I didn't want anything to do with it in 2008, I (didn't) want anything to do with it in 2010. I still don't want anything to do with it now."

Sterger continued:

"The only reason I feel like I have to give this interview is ... for me. For my family. This has nothing to do with Brett Favre. It doesn't. I just want people to know me. And to know that I'm not a gold-digger. And I'm not a home-wrecker."

Favre admitted that he sent voicemails to Sterger, asking her to come visit him and things of that nature, but didn't admit to any sexual text messages.

Brett Favre retired not long after the incidents
Brett Favre retired not long after the incidents

As a result, the NFL couldn't conclude that he was responsible for the inappropriate messages but fined him $50,000.

During his time with the Jets, he also allegedly sent sexually suggestive texts to two massage therapists and caused them to lose work for not adhering to his specific sexual requests.

Has Brett Favre been arrested?

Brett Favre is now embroiled in yet another controversy. This time, a lawsuit alleges that he and several others stole money from the welfare fund in Mississippi to do various things.


In Favre's case, it was for a volleyball stadium at Southern Mississippi, his alma mater. He has not yet been arrested as the lawsuit is ongoing.

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