'Big fan of his' - Josh Allen reveals his favorite F1 superstar

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen
Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen

Quarterback Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills has become a huge fan of Formula One racing, according to a recent article by ESPN. He became a fan of racing after getting hooked on the Netflix series, Drive to Survive.

His fascination with the show evolved into an appreciation for the sport of racing. Formula One is what has specifically peaked his interest.

Josh Allen claimed on Sunday morning that Formula One racing had become part of his game day routine. He follows along in the morning when he wakes up as well as on his way to the facility for game preparation.

Before watching the Netflix series, Josh Allen knew nothing about the racing world. Now he is a regular fan following all of the action.

Drive to Survive allows viewers to get to know some of the drivers on a more personal level. Learning their personalities attracted Josh Allen to one particular driver more so than any other.

Josh Allen reveals his favorite F1 driver

The driver that Josh Allen roots for the most in his new favorite sport is Daniel Ricciardo. The McLaren driver from Australia earned a fan in Josh Allen for both his personality as well as his competitive success. Ricciardo has won 8 races in his ten-plus-year career.

There are mutual feelings between Josh Allen and Daniel Ricciardo, being fans of each other. Several years ago, Ricciardo became a fan of the Buffalo Bills. He credits part of the reason to all of the wild Bills Mafia videos that circle the internet.

He claims that their fan base reminded him of a lot of his acquaintances in his home in Australia. He's a bit wild himself, and that fits well with Bills Mafia.

Daniel Ricciardo and Josh Allen first met back in 2018 at a race in Monaco where Ricciardo was victorious. The two of them are represented by the same agency.

Ricciardo claims he saw something special in Josh Allen before he had his breakout season. It appears he was right, considering the exponential growth of Josh Allen over the last two seasons.

Josh Allen and Daniel Ricciardo will continue to cheer for each other this year as mutual fans. Allen has had an NFL MVP type of season so far and the Buffalo Bills look like legitimate Super Bowl contenders. The Bills Mafia videos that Ricciardo enjoys would really be something special if they were to get it done this year.

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