“There is interest” - NFL insider pegs Mitchell Trubisky’s landing spot 

Mitchell Trubisky at Buffalo Bills Training Camp
Mitchell Trubisky at Buffalo Bills Training Camp

Mitchell Trubisky is surprisingly the most desirable free-agent quarterback amongst NFL teams. The former second overall pick never had his skills maximized with the Chicago Bears amidst insufficient head coaching and subpar players around him.

Trubisky spent last season backing up Josh Allen for the Buffalo Bills. Thanks to positive reports out of Buffalo, Trubisky is highly sought-after by quarterback-needy teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL Network insider Mike Garafolo connected the dots between the two on Friday's Good Morning Football. Garafolo has heard there's interest from the organization. Now that the Washington Commanders have their quarterback, Garafolo is pegging the former North Carolina Tar Heel to the Steelers. He said:

“To me, you could do that by the way, and also do what I'm going to suggest which is to sign Mitchell Trubisky. And my belief right now is that there is interest from the Pittsburgh Steelers in Mitchell Trubisky. I had Trubisky pegged for Washington. That's where I was sending him and then they traded for Carson Wentz. So now I think Trubisky’s gonna reboot a little bit. I still think he's gonna get way more money certainly than he got last year. All of a sudden he's the belle of the ball this year in the free-agent quarterback class."

Garafolo also explained why Matt Canada's offensive scheme fits Trubisky. Ben Roethlisberger wasn't a mobile quarterback last season, but Trubisky could be one. Garafolo notes that whether it's Trubisky or not, the next Steelers quarterback will be more mobile than the statuesque Roethlisberger, saying:

"But look, this is really important what we're seeing on the screen right now. His ability to move. Because Matt Canada and what he wants to do as an offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh, they couldn't do it with Ben Roethlisberger. They tried to manufacture it a little bit. ‘Wow, there's ways to do the read-option stuff with a quick throw instead of a run.’ But now you've got the quick throw and now the potential to move. Whoever they wind up with is going to be a quarterback that can move. Mitchell Trubisky could be that guy. I understand he didn’t play much in Buffalo but for whatever reason now he is the high on the free-agent market this year. And everybody looks back to what happens in Chicago said ‘why didn't they get the best of them?’ Maybe the Steelers can.”
Kenny Pickett? Mitch Trubisky? Marcus Mariota? What do the Steelers do at QB??

Would Mitchell Trubisky fit with the Steelers?

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

Whether or not Mitchell Trubisky fits the Steelers is debatable. Trubisky had his moments of flashes with the Bears. However, he was ultimately cut for a reason which is enough to place seeds of doubt into many fans' minds.

But for as many doubters as Trubisky has, he does have supporters who believe in him. Pro Football Focus has even gone on record to say the Steelers would be a terrific landing spot for the 27-year-old.

Steelers Listed As ‘Dream’ Fantasy Landing Spot For QB Mitchell Trubisky… #Steelers

Trubisky would be surrounded by ascending talent like Najee Harris and Diontae Johnson if he joins the Steelers. With Mike Tomlin steering the ship, he'd have more stable coaching than he ever did with Matt Nagy in Chicago.

The Steelers' roster is ready to win now and isn't looking to rebuild. Even if they draft a quarterback, they could still sign Trubisky as a bridge signal-caller to let their rookie learn from for a year.

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