Philip Lindsay and 3 other offensive weapons the Bills should target

Former Houston Texans running back Philip Lindsay.
Former Houston Texans running back Philip Lindsay.
Nick Goodling

Philip Lindsay's release from the Houston Texans is the perfect gift for a struggling offense such as the Buffalo Bills. The Bills offense hasn't been as dominant as it was last season.

When the Bills were 13-3 in 2020, it was because of their dynamic, deep-shot-heavy offense.

But this season, Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen haven't been able to replicate their production. Lindsay is just one option for the Bills to try and improve their offense.

Philip Lindsay and 3 other offensive weapons the Bills should target

# 1 - Philip Lindsay

Philip Lindsay has had his talents wasted on a rebuilding Houston Texans team this year. At his best, Lindsay is a downhill runner who is stronger than his size suggests.

He was the first undrafted free agent running back to rush for 1,000 yards in 2018 with the Denver Broncos.

His stats before joining the Texans were above average. He even earned a pro-bowl appearance in his rookie season for how well he played.

Philip Lindsay is now a FA, per his agent, @MikeMcCartney7.Lindsay career stats:611 touches3,015 yards from scrimmage18 TDZERO fumbles

Lindsay is also a good pass-catching running back. His skills would complement Devin Singletary and Zack Moss.

Allen would benefit from a safety net in the backfield to throw to, and Lindsay could be that.

# 2 - Todd Gurley

Speaking of running backs who could change the offense, the Bills should consider signing Todd Gurley. Gurley's heavy workload early in his career has taken a toll on his longevity.

But he's just 27 and would be fresh after not playing this season.

Top-5 RBs in Next Gen Stats' rushing success rate over the last two combined seasons:1. Alvin Kamara - 58.0%2. Todd Gurley - 55.7%3. Aaron Jones - 55.6%4. Christian McCaffrey - 54.2%5. Ezekiel Elliott - 53.8%

Gurley doesn't offer a skill set much different than Singletary or Moss. But there's a chance he'll add some juice to the ground game.

He showed with the Atlanta Falcons that he can still be valuable if he's not overused.

# 3 - Alshon Jeffery

Another player past his prime, Alshon Jeffery might not be the hottest name on the open market. But the Bills offense has lacked downfield throws, which is how the offense thrived in 2020.

Jeffery has health concerns, but at his best, he's one of the best jump-ball receivers in the entire NFL.

Jeffery won't have to be a star. Diggs, Emmanuel Sanders and Cole Beasley are already in place.

But he could be a dangerous fourth option for the Bills in jump-ball scenarios.

# 4 - Tyler Eifert

Tyler Eifert's 13 touchdowns in 2015 feel like a decade ago. But there was once a time when Eifert was arguably the best receiving tight end in football.

Eifert hasn't stayed healthy in his career. Dawson Knox is a good receiving tight end, so Eifert would have the luxury of rotating in and out of the lineup.

The Bills could also run two tight end sets, which would open up the middle of the field. Since teams are taking away deep shots outside the numbers, the Bills need to adjust.

If Eifert is healthy, his receiving skills could be a welcome wrinkle into the Bills offensive playbook.

Edited by LeRon Haire
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