Larvesta Pokémon

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Found in the fifth generation of Pokemon, Larvesta is a Pokemon of unique typing. Being a Bug Fire type, Larvesta can be considered for some unorthodox moveset and strategies. Introduced in the Unova region, Larvesta can be further evolved into a more powerful form that strengthens its stats and makes this Pokemon even more adept in battle.


About Larvesta

First appearance in animeIn the Pokémon the Series: Black & White episode: “The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!”
First appearance in gamePokemon Black and White
Region Unova
Evolution Larvesta → Volcarona
Pokedex EntryWhen battling opponents, it sprays fire from its five horns. The max temperature of the flames can reach nearly 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The base of volcanoes is where they make their homes. They shoot fire from their five horns to repel attacking enemies.

Larvesta Base stats

Sp. Attack50
Sp. Defense55


Larvesta Appearance

Unsurprisingly, this Fire Bug Pokemon closely resembles a bug with its physical features. Spanning three feet in length, it has a fairly common height when compared to other standard Pokemon. With six stubby legs that it uses to maneuver around, Larvesta is composed of two halves: its face and body. Its head is covered by white tufts of fur covering most of its face except for the light blue eyes. Outside of the fur, there are five red horns that stick out from all sides of Larvesta’s head. Compared to the head, Larvesta’s body is not as detailed.


The five horns on Larvesta’s head are not purely for show as there are several uses for the growths on Larvesta’s head, both offensive and defensive. First off, the horns by themselves can be used to detract predators from choosing Larvesta as their next meal. However, they can also be used to intimidate prey and they can also be used to shoot out fire, with flames so powerful that it can lift Larvesta for temporary flight. This Pokemon can easily handle heat, as their flames can reach a temperature of over five thousand degrees fahrenheit, and can be seen living near volcanoes. No one knows specifically where Larvesta comes from although it is rumored that these Pokemon fell from the Sun itself.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Stats wise, Larvesta doesn't impress with the kit that it comes with but since its highest stat is Attack, your best strategy is to use an offensive set-up, denying your opponent the chance to attack, risking a one hit knock out on Larvesta. But with the subpar stats elsewhere including Speed, that might be easier said than done. An even better solution is simply to evolve Larvesta into Volcarona and you’ll have a much better fighting experience with this evolution.

Still, as a dual Bug/Fire type, Larvesta is weak against Flying and Water moves, as well as Rock but takes four times the normal damage from the latter. It also has no immunities but is resistant to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Ice and Fairy type moves, taking half half the normal damage while it takes quarter the damage from Grass type moves.

Best moveset for Larvesta

Flare BlitzMorning Sun

This moveset prioritizes dealing lots of damage to your opponent, even at the cost of your own Pokemon’s HP. Flare Blitz does a lot of damage and has a chance to burn the opponent, although at the cost of thirty three percent recoil damage. Morning Sun heals, the amount healed depends on the weather conditions while U-Turn returns Larvesta should you find yourself in a tricky situation. Finally, Will-O-Wisp is another good move that causes status effects, namely burning your opponent.

How to catch Larvesta in Pokemon Go?

At the moment, Larvesta is currently unavailable to catch in Pokemon Go.


  1. Larvesta is the latest to evolve of all Pokemon, evolving at level fifty-nine.
  2. Larvesta is the only Fire type with an Insect Body
  3. Larvesta may be based on moths.


Q. Is Larvesta a Legendary Pokemon?

No, Larvesta is not a Legendary Pokemon.

Q. What is Larvesta' weakness?

Pokemon with Flying, Rock and Water type moves have the ability to easily knock Larvesta out of battle.

Q. What is Larvesta’ Hidden Ability?

Larvesta’ hidden ability is Swarm, which increases the attack power of both normal and special attacks by fifty percent, so long as the move is a Bug type move.


While you may not take this Pokemon to battle the Elite Four especially considering its limited battle prowess at the moment, Larvesta can still be a good companion. However, its an even better investment as while Larvesta may not have the stats to impress, it’s final evolution will help trainers give this Pokemon a second chance. It does have a steep evolutionary requirement which may be cumbersome to many but it’s worth giving it a chance because then you might never know just how strong this Pokemon could be.

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