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Top 10 players with the highest vertical leap in NBA history

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'He jumped out of the gym!' is a refrain normally associated with basketball commentators. The best leapers in non-track sports are often found in the game of basketball. In fact, some of the physical feats basketball players can achieve would put Olympic athletes to shame.

So high are the NBA's standards of physical fitness and conditioning that if you don't have a running leap over 2 feet (24 inches), you are probably never going to be drafted even if you have every other aspect of your game sorted.

Spectacular athletes have kept wowing NBA fans for over 70 years now with dunks, blocks, and plays that make you want to yell "Rewind that!" time and again.

Here, we count down the players with the highest running vertical leap in NBA history.

Note: In this list, we have made allowances for the fact that draft combine results are not available for players drafted before 2000, and will be using unverified statistics in some cases.

#10 Andrew Wiggins

Minnesota Timberwolves v Atlanta Hawks
Wiggins dunking against the Atlanta Hawks

The Canadian, drafted with the #1 overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014, is emerging as a star in the league this year. His uber-athletic frame was one of the reasons why every Division 1 college recruited him during his junior and senior years of high school in Canada, and he eventually chose the Kansas Jayhawks as his college team.

Wiggins is in his 4th season in the NBA and has shown off his otherworldly athleticism ever since his first game in the league. Standing at 6'8" and with a vertical leap of 44 inches, Wiggins can take his head a full 4 inches above the rim!

With his build and athleticism, Wiggins could have entered the Slam Dunk Contest but has let go of his opportunities. Perhaps the window for an appearance in the Dunk contest is now forever closed, but expect him to make an All-Star team at some point in his career.

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