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2014 NBA All-Star Weekend Preview: Sports With Biers feature

Joshua Biers
2.38K   //    12 Feb 2014, 02:54 IST

This coming weekend is All-Star Weekend. Because the writers of SWB are degenerate gamblers, below are our individual picks to win the All-Star Game, All-Star MVP 3-Point Contest, Dunk Contest and skills challenge. 

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry

3-Point Challenge Winner

Josh Biers (JB): Before I reveal my picks, I would like to point out that ultimately, my superior knowledge of basketball will undoubtedly result in my victory! Often times, the valid points I make within the SWB group chat are often met by whining, moaning, and general immaturity. But not today!

Let’s get into it. While some people might be tooting the Steph Curry horn all night and day, I don’t believe the favorite to win the 3-point contest will actually win it. Yes, Curry is an excellent contested and pull-up 3-point shooter, but this contest is all about set shots and Curry rarely takes those in NBA games. I’m going with Bradley Beal. Beal was heralded as the next Ray Allen coming out of college and the player I think is the purest shooter out of everyone in the contest. He’s shooting 42% from beyond the arc on a decent Wizards team this year and will be the 3-point shooting champion this year.

Matt Tuckness (MT): Who else could I go with, but my main man Wardell Stephen Curry II?  Playing the best basketball of his career this season, he is a force to be reckoned with from beyond the arc.  Time will not be a factor as he has one of the quickest releases in the NBA.  Although his 3-point percentage is down this season at around 40%, I’m not sure I have seen a player take more contested or dribble pull-up 3-pointers.  The 3-point contest is all about set 3-point shots and when Steph is wide open and can set his feet there is no one more deadly from behind the arc.

Parker Ainsworth (PA)- A big part of me wants to write an argument that Kevin Love wins this contest, because how great would a power forward, one of the best in the game, winning the the 3-point contest be? But I can’t. I have to go with Steph Curry. He’s done this before and understands the contest. And, with the chip on his shoulder he has to be bringing to the weekend this year, I doubt he expects to be embarrassed. He made 17 in the first of the two rounds, but he went 0-5 on his second rack. I really don’t see that happening again. In fact, I bet Curry has put in extra hours of practice just to make sure it doesn’t. I’m going with Curry.

Ryan Rodriguez (RR) – My heart is torn in so many ways with this 3-point contest. I absolutely love Steph and his ability to rain threes from anywhere, anyhow. I predicted Kyrie would win last year because his sweet set shot is perfect for this match-up and part of me thinks this could be a way for him to take his frustration out on the season. Then there is Bradley Beal, who I’ve really liked since he was at Florida, but I have to go with Damian Lillard. He’s a slightly worse 3-point shooter than Steph, though this year they are comparable, and I’m guessing he’ll be warmed up after competing in the skills challenge and ready to drop bombs from behind the arc. When there is no science to picking these contest winners, find the fun, most logical angle (in your mind) and run with it.

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