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5 Current NBA players who can't shoot three-pointers

For all his qualities, Ben Simmons has a poor NBA record when it comes to shooting 3s
For all his qualities, Ben Simmons has a poor NBA record when it comes to shooting 3s
Modified 14 Jan 2021, 08:26 IST

Over the years, three-point shooting has emerged as one of the most important skills that an NBA player can master. The past few decades have seen a huge increase in the number of players who attempt 3-pointers. NBA games are regularly decided by a handful of points and therefore players who can consistently throw in buckets from the deep are valued even more.

This has led to the emergence of various “three-point specialists” such as Stephen Curry, Ray Allen and Kyle Korver. However, quite a few players have also managed to eke out successful NBA careers despite making only a handful of three-pointers.

5 NBA Players who cannot shoot 3-pointers

Currently, there are quite a few players in the NBA who have terrible records from deep despite being regular starters for their respective NBA franchises. In this article, we look at the current NBA players who have abysmal shooting records from 3-point range despite being regular starters for consistent periods of time.

#1 Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is hands down the best offensive player to make this list. Now a 2-time All-Star, Ben Simmons did not make a single three-pointer for his first two seasons, before getting his first in the 2019-20 NBA season. He has in the past spoken about that aspect of his game and appeared quite content with first working on other aspects of his shooting.

Ben Simmons is constantly improving and has over the course of the current season shown a willingness to shoot from the deep. However, his current numbers make for grim readings, as Ben Simmons has attempted a three pointer once around every ten games, thus far.

#2 Rudy Gobert


Rudy Gobert is known for his defensive skills, and is coming off his first All-Star season through his almost decade-long NBA career. Rudy Gobert has until now attempted only 3 three pointers throughout his career, and failed each time.

His last 3-point attempt came back in the 2016-17 NBA season. Regardless, Rudy Gobert is another player who has in recent months shown a willingness to work on his shooting from deep and might end up getting his first bucket from the deep during the current NBA season.

#3 Steven Adams

While centers are not supposed to be brilliant at their three-point shooting, Steven Adams’ NBA shooting record from the deep also makes for terrible viewing. Throughout his career, Adams has bucketed just one three pointer, which came as a buzzer-beating half-court shot in the 2019-20 NBA season.


During the current NBA season, Steven Adams has attempted not even a single three pointer, although there is quite a bit of time to set that right. While Steven Adams might improve his overall shooting record in the coming time, he currently warrants a place in this list.

#4 DeAndre Jordan

Another center whose stats make for terrible reading as far as the 3-point attempts are concerned, DeAndre Jordan has made a single three-pointer, back in the 2014-15 NBA season when he was playing for the LA Clippers.

DeAndre Jordan has scored a single 3-pointer in his career
DeAndre Jordan has scored a single 3-pointer in his career

Regardless, DeAndre Jordan is known for his dunking prowess and has enjoyed a fruitful NBA career and is a one time All-Star. He also is a three-time All-NBA selection and has made two All-Defensive teams. While DeAndre Jordan might as well add a few more 3Ps to his repertoire before finishing his career, his current record certainly warrants a place in this list.

#5 Bam Adebayo

Miami Heat’s starting center, Bam Adebayo, also has a poor conversion rate when he shoots from 3-point range. He is a willing trier, and attempts around 0.2 three-pointers per game. Bam Adebayo’s five made three-pointers in the four years he has played in the NBA make for expansive numbers, as far as this list is concerned.


However, he attempts more three pointers than anybody else on this list as well, which means that there is plenty of scope for improvement. Of course, Bam Adebayo is another player who still has time on his side, and is bound to improve his shooting from the deep in the coming years.

Published 14 Jan 2021, 08:26 IST
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