How to Increase Pass Accuracy in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 was released on September 9th.
NBA 2K23 was released on September 9th.

In NBA 2K23, passing the ball properly is a crucial factor in determining the success of a player. The bullet passes from earlier installments are gone in NBA 2K23. The precision of the pass now determines the passing speed. Therefore, players need to have high passing accuracy if they want to make some crisp, rapid passes.

However, NBA 2K23 added a few changes that have made it simpler to comprehend the accuracy of each player's passing skills. Let's talk about how to increase pass accuracy in NBA 2K23:

How to Improve the Pass Accuracy Rating in NBA 2K23

The pass accuracy rating should never be lower than 70. Each player has to be equipped with that minimum. Failing to do so might result in them messing up the game or losing the ball to the opposite guard.

Be aware that the 70-pass efficiency rating resembles NBA 2K22's "silver bullet" passes. However, players must have an accuracy of between 86 and 90 to pass through or advance from the silver passes. If their accuracy falls within that range, players will be on par with gold passes from NBA 2K22, which was highly regarded last year.

Players should always keep their accuracy at 70 or higher because the "Glue Hands" badge is not available in 2K23 either. There are certain instances in which players may function with an accuracy rating as low as 65. However, it is preferable to keep this number above 70 to guarantee accurate and rapid passes.

Players can also strive to achieve a pass accuracy rating of 90 or better to obtain the Hall of Fame pass. However, it will be challenging to accomplish this goal.

Players may quickly increase their pass accuracy rating by participating in MyCareer games, competing in practices, and accomplishing tasks concealed throughout The City. Just be sure to give this type of play priority when choosing exercises or plays.

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