NBA 2K22 Update Patch 1.04 Notes: Server issues, stability fixes, and everything else you need to know

A new update was released earlier today for current-gen users.. (Image via NBA 2K22)
A new update was released earlier today for current-gen users.. (Image via NBA 2K22)

NBA 2K22 earlier today (Tuesday, October 5) released a new update patch 1.04 for current-gen consoles. The same update was earlier released on September 15th for Xbox X/S and PS5 users, with a range of stability fixes, glitches and other connection issues being resolved on the consoles.

Additionally, while the 1.04 update did not bring in any gameplay changes, various gameplay optimizations were reported, especially with respect to the overall shooting and the dunk meter.

Considering no major gameplay changes were released, the NBA 2K team could afford to hold of on the update for current-gen consoles for a number of weeks. However, the update patch 1.04 was finally released earlier today, although next-gen users only recently got another new update on September 30th.

Our latest patch is live on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S bringing continued stability improvements to the game fixing several issues 🛠️ No gameplay changes!

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As usual, NBA 2K22 has till date not released the detailed patch notes for the latest 1.04 update for Xbox One and PS4. However, the update was earlier released on next-gen consoles and had the following patch notes:

  • Addressed crashing issues.
  • Network connection improvements.
  • Addressed various random disconnection issues.
  • Online game stability improvements.
  • General stability and performance issues.
  • Added various gameplay optimizations.
  • Other minor fixes.

Hence, on one hand, next-gen console users received a large September 30th update that was labeled update 1.007. Meanwhile, current-gen consoles have only recently received the 1.04 update that was released mid-September for next-gen users.

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The update 1.04 has been said to be around 20 GB on PS4 while it is around 22.4 GB for Xbox One users. While no official statement with respect to the update has been released by NBA 2K, the following was stated with respect to future updates in NBA 2K22 just last week:

“Our next PS5/XBX patch, scheduled for next week, will bring continued stability improvements, improved loading speeds when re-entering the City, removed/reduced hitching when on vehicles on Series X consoles, removing tipping from DJ Booths when propped near Quest NPCs, and more.”

Hence, as NBA 2K22 has largely received positive reviews, no gamepla-related updates are planned for the time being. The ones that are expected to be released in the coming time will probably deal with various gameplay issues or server errors that various users have reported in recent days.

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