NBA 2K23 Free 35k Virtual Currency: Here is what you need to do!

NBA 2K23 will be released on September 9th.
NBA 2K23 will be released on September 9th.

Anticipation is growing, with NBA 2K23 releasing on September 9th. NBA 2K has already announced lots of Michael Jordan-themed content and challenges for the game. Gamers can receive several extra perks, especially if users purchase the Championship or the Michael Jordan edition of the game.

NBA 2K also announced an exclusive offer that gamers can use to get an extra 35,000 VC credited into their account. The exclusive offer is only available on NBA 2K23 pre-orders and is reasonably straightforward. The following article looks at everything gamers need to do to earn the extra VC.

NBA 2K23 announces a limited-time offer for an extra 35K virtual currency

The offer is only applicable to American Express cardholders. Gamers only need to use an American Express card to pre-order. The value of the extra 35K virtual currency is around $10 and can help gamers gain an advantage after the release of NBA 2K23.

Once the transaction has been processed via the NBA 2K website, gamers will receive a locker code via email. The straightforward process from NBA 2K22 can be expected to be followed for the latest edition of the series. Virtual Currency, or VC, is easily the game's most important currency. VC allows people to make purchases across the MyTeam and MyCareer game modes.

VC significantly speeds up progress and the overall ease of gameplay. The 35K VC available makes this offer a must. The offer is applicable until the end of the year. So, it will be available on orders after the game releases.

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