NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Shades Of 3 Pack featuring Chris Bosh released

NBA 2K23 was released on September 9th.
NBA 2K23 was released on Sept. 9.

NBA 2K23, since its official release on Sept. 9, has not had too many legends released as part of the player packs until now.

Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki are some of the cards that have been released so far. Furthermore, none of the pink diamond versions of legend cards have come out as well. Barring gamers who bought the much-expensive Michael Jordan-themed version of NBA 2K23, the legend's featured cards have been at a scarcity so far.

Part of the problem has been solved due to the existence of secret builds. They can be unlocked by feeding in the right statistics in the MyPlayer customizer. Regardless, the third pack in the β€œShades Of” series has one pink diamond legend card who might be of interest to NBA 2K23 gamers.

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NBA 2K23 MyTeam β€œShades Of” Pack 3 released

NBA 2K23 has made things a tad difficult for gamers hoping to snag legends without spending too much money on the game. While virtual currency can be earned, the time required to farm it means that only a limited amount of player packs can be opened.

If the pack does not have a pink diamond in it, it even makes less sense for people to spend virtual currency on it.

New agendas update! Week 3 Part 1, Shades Of 3, Deron Williams Takeover and Week 3 Part 2 quests are now Available!…#NBA2K23 #MyTeam #LockerCodes

The Shades Of 3 pack does not come with a related locker code. In NBA 2K22, most player packs come with a related locker code. The code gives gamers the chance to acquire one of the featured cards for free. Regardless, the Shades Of 3 pack represents good value for the cost of 11,250 VC. Gamers can acquire some of the following players:

Jabari Smith (PF/C) – 85 Overall Sapphire Evolve Card

Bennedict Mathurin (SG/SF) – 85 Overall Sapphire Evolve Card

Ousmane Dieng (SF/PF) – 85 Overall Sapphire Evolve Card

Chris Bosh (PF/C) – 95 Overall Pink Diamond Card

Jason Richardson (SG/SF) – 93 Overall Diamond Card

Nicolas Batum (PF/SF) – 91 Amethyst Card

Furthermore, there are also β€œShades Of 3” challenges available in the game that can be completed to acquire a free player pack.

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