Damian Lillard gives verdict on In-Season Tournament in Las Vegas

Damian Lillard gave his verdict on In-Season Tournament court design
Damian Lillard gave his verdict on In-Season Tournament court design

Damian Lillard and the Milwaukee Bucks are ready to face the Indiana Pacers in the semifinals of the In-Season Tournament. It seems like Dame Dolla is finally on board after seeing the shimmering lights of the NBA court in Vegas.

It is not breaking news that Lillard is a big boxing fan and likes to practice himself when he has spare time. When asked about the tournament court for the semifinal and the final in Vegas, Lillard was excited about it.

He alluded to the red and blue color combination that gives off the vibe of boxing and the true nature of the fight for a bigger prize.

“I ain’t gonna lie, it’s giving me boxing vibes…even the blue and red it’s like boxing. With the blue and the red and lights.”

His teammate, Bobby Portis Jr., was also ecstatic about the design of the court. Portis was excited about how the NBA has colored the court in red, white, and blue, truly representing the vibe of the league.

Players have expressed differing opinions about the court in Las Vegas compared to the In-Season Tournament court, at least until the quarterfinals. While the teams' court showcased their respective team colors, the excitement around it was mainly due to financial incentives. Overall, the league did a commendable job of keeping both players and fans satisfied.

In the last few games, since the quarterfinals started, the vibe among fans and the players has been like a playoff game. The cheering and the booing of the opponent players are going through the roof. Once the NBA In-Season semifinals begin, the hype is expected to go even higher.

Damian Lillard gives his take on the In-Season Tournament court

Lillard is adamant about what he wants from the NBA In-Season Tournament. When asked about the significance of winning the tournament,. He stated that the money was more important to him than the trophy itself.

"I mean, I wouldn't expect a banner. I think whoever wins it is going to go down in history as the first person to win it. I think that's the beauty in that. But I'll just take the money. Give us what we came here for, and that would be great.”

His teammate Giannis Antetokunmpo also sides with Lillard. Giannis was surprised to learn about the heavy amount that the league was going to pay the winners. After the win against the New York Knicks, the NBA champion was hyped up about the winning sum.

Each player from the tournament-winning team gets to win $500,000. The winners of the semifinals would win $250,000, and the winners of the quarterfinals are set to win $100,000. NBA players are paid handsomely throughout their careers, but money is money, and the league has done a good job motivating the players.

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