"I just met him 3 years ago I never knew him or his family" - Larsa Pippen sheds more light on alleged relationship with Marcus Jordan, says their families weren't close

Larsa Pippen opens up about rumored relationship with Marcus Jordan.
Larsa Pippen opens up about rumored relationship with Marcus Jordan.

Scottie Pippen's wife, Larsa Pippen, sheds more light on the rumored relationship between her and Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan. Pippen's comments came after a fan heckled the alleged couple at an NFL game between the LA Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.

According to Complex, Larsa finally broke her silence about her and Marcus. She told The Shade Room that their families were never close despite Michael and Scottie being teammates with the Chicago Bulls. She even revealed that she only met Marcus three years ago.

"I just met him three years ago," Larsa wrote on The Shade Room's post. "I never knew him or his family. I was 21 years old and in college when Scottie played that one year with MJ and we weren't friends with them like everyone thinks."

Larsa Pippen's recent comments shed more light on Scottie's revelation in his memoir "Unguarded" last year. Scottie wrote that he was never close with MJ despite being teammates and winning six championships together.

The rumored relationship between Larsa and Marcus has split people's opinions. It's probably because of the nature of Scottie and Michael's past, as well as their age difference.

One of those people is former NBA player Jalen Rose, who thinks that Larsa should treat Marcus as a nephew rather than a partner.

"Certain relationships used to be off limits," Rose said. "And I, on paper, want everybody to be happy and to live their best life. But, the best thing I can say for her is she should see him as more of a nephew than a mate."
Larsa Pippen should see Marcus Jordan as more of a nephew than a mate!

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What did the heckler say to Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan?

Marcus Jordan (Photo: Complex)
Marcus Jordan (Photo: Complex)

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan attended an NFL game on Sunday, with former NBA player Chandler Parsons. They watched the LA Chargers face the Kansas City Chiefs.

During the game, a fan suddenly came from behind and started heckling Larsa and Marcus. A video of the heckling was uploaded on Instagram by @ruthlesssrich, who appeared to be the fan.

"Hey Larsa, that's what you're doing?" the fan said. "You're with the boy, Mike's son? You a cold motherf**ker, ain't you! You're cold as a motherf**ker, homie."

Larsa Pippen-Marcus Jordan relationship timeline

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan (Photo: US Magazine)
Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan (Photo: US Magazine)

As mentioned by Larsa Pippen earlier, she only became close to Marcus Jordan three years ago. They were first spotted together in September having lunch in Miami. It was revealed at the time that the two were just friends, but things escalated quickly.

The rumored couple were then seen getting cozy on a dinner date at a New York City restaurant followed by a party in Miami. They then started getting seen together more, including a recent trip to the beach, as per US Magazine.

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