Kevin Durant calls Charles Barkley a "clown" after the NBA legend called him "insecure": "We’ve never had a real human interaction"

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Kevin Durant rips Charles Barkley for calling him insecure.

The Kevin Durant versus Charles Barkley public spat has been rekindled after KD commented on Charles Barkley’s interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report. During the interview, “Sir Charles” called Durant insecure for having burner accounts to respond to critics.

Durant, who has played exceptionally well this season for the Brooklyn Nets, did not mince words in getting back at Barkley:

“This clown does not have g14 classification to speak on the god, we’ve never had a real human interaction…carry on haaaa”
This clown does not have g14 classification to speak on the god, we’ve never had a real human interaction…carry on haaaa…

The G14 classification went viral due to the movie Rush Hour. It’s a word that’s supposed to mean that it's ultra-important and that only people with maximum authority have such power.

Apparently, KD was taking a shot at Barkley’s supposed lack of authority when it came to making comments about him. Durant previously referred to himself as a basketball god, which puts others, including Barkley, unworthy of dealing with him.

Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley's nasty feud started last season when the NBA on TNT analyst called Durant a bus rider. Barkley asserted that unless KD wins a title as a franchise player and the leader of the team, his legacy will always be questioned.


Durant won his two and only championships when he left Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder to play for the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were coming off a historic 73-9 season but just collapsed against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With Durant joining forces with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in 2016, the Warriors have became unstoppable. KD went to three straight championship series and won two.

Charles Barkley, like many former NBA players and analysts, has not given Kevin Durant a pass for that move. “Chuck” contends that KD might still be titleless if not for his controversial decision to join a team that was already historically great.

KD’s response to Barkley’s comments was hilarious. The Nets forward posted a photo of the analyst playing for the Houston Rockets alongside champions Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen.

Charles Barkley previously called Kevin Durant an “abject failure” and "Mr. Miserable”

Charles Barkley hasn't minced words criticizing Kevin Durant.
Charles Barkley hasn't minced words criticizing Kevin Durant.

Insecure isn’t the only label Charles Barkley has used on Kevin Durant. The Hall of Famer also called KD “miserable.”

When Durant demanded to be traded by the Brooklyn Nets, Barkley didn’t hold back in his criticism of the two-time champ. KD hasn’t even started the four-year extension when he asked Nets team owner Joe Tsai to get him out of Brooklyn.

On the Brickley & Marotta radio program, “Chuck” ripped Durant:

“But if you go back and look at his career, as the best player and being the leader that all goes with that, he’s been an abject failure.
“He seems like a miserable person, man. I call him Mr. Miserable, he’s never going to be happy. Everybody’s given him everything on a silver platter.
"He was the man in Oklahoma City, they loved him, he owned the entire state. He bolts on them and wins back-to-back championships (with Golden State), and he’s still not happy. Then he goes to Brooklyn, they give him everything he wants and he’s still miserable.”


It's a spat that’s likely not going to fade any time soon. Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal have the same opinion of Durant, the bus rider.

The two Hall of Famers regularly cover NBA games. They will inevitably tackle Kevin Durant’s performance. KD, as he often does, will not take things sitting down if he doesn’t like the criticism.

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