“He’s made not showing up to work into an art form, magicians don’t disappear as well as this dude” - NBA analyst believes giving Kyrie Irving a long-term deal is the “definition of insanity”

The Brooklyn Nets may offer Irving a contract extension soon. [Image Credit: Getty Images]
The Brooklyn Nets may offer Irving a contract extension soon. [Image Credit: Getty Images]

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets had a very disappointing season. After high expectations, the team finished the season with 44 wins and had to advance to the playoffs through the play-ins.

The Boston Celtics, who ended up advancing all the way to the NBA Finals, swept the Nets in the opening round. Even though this was one of the closest sweeps in NBA history, it was still disappointing.

The Nets, led by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, were the only team that was swept in the 2022 NBA playoffs. The front office now has some big decisions to make, including the decision about Irving's contract.

Kyrie Irving may receive a contract extension

Kyrie Irving appeared in only 29 games for the Brooklyn Nets. Even though his averages were fantastic, he wasn't there when the team needed him.

Irving's anti-vaccine stance was the reason for this, and he remains one of the few unvaccinated players in the league. If he accepts his player option, the point guard will be owed $36.5 million next season, the final season of his contract. However, the Nets may offer him a contract extension.


Stephen A. Smith believes that giving Irving a long-term deal would be an insane thing to do. He agreed that the seven-time All-Star deserves to get paid, but only on one-year deals, stating:

"Giving Kyrie Irving, of all people, a long-term deal, is pure outright insanity. The definition of insanity is not doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The definition of insanity is making a long-term commitment to Kyrie Irving."

The NBA analyst explained why he doesn't think the Brooklyn Nets guard deserves a long-term deal. He said:

"Because that man comes up with new ways to not be on the court over and over and over again. He won't work! He's made not showing up to work into an art form. Magicians don't disappear as well as this dude."

Smith suggested that the Brooklyn Nets give Irving a long-term deal that includes a team option after every year of the contract. The Nets need to protect themselves when Irving decides that basketball is just not important.

Kyrie Irving's contract extension

Irving is eligible for a contract extension that would pay him $240 million over the next five years. This extension includes $7 million in incentives.

Furthermore, the point guard could opt out of his contract and sign a new deal with the Nets. By doing this, he could make $248 million in the next five years.

3 years ago, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving left their respective teams to “build something special” in Brooklyn.On Thursday, the teams they left will play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Considering that Irving is close to Kevin Durant, we can expect the team to offer him a contract extension. However, he will have to show up for games.

Giving Kyrie a long-term contract wouldn't be smart for the Nets, but neither would be letting him go. After all, if the Nets decide to let go of him, this would probably upset Durant, and he could possibly push his way out of Brooklyn, too.

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