"Our schedules match up with the worst people" - Gilbert Arenas on NBA stars meeting the 'worst women' amid Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills drama

Zion Williamson, Moriah Mills and Gilbert Arenas
Zion Williamson, Moriah Mills and Gilbert Arenas

Zion Williamson's drama Moriah Mills took a weirder turn when the adult film star tattooed the New Orleans Pelicans star's name on her face. Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas recently gave his take on the issue and how basketball players end with the worst kind of women.

In a recent episode of The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone, Arenas discussed why NBA players are more prone to getting linked to strippers than any other kind of athlete. He explained that basketball players have a really tight schedule and don't have the time to meet and date.

"Think about the other sex that's free between noon and 7 o'clock: Strippers, Instagram models that ain't got sh*t to do in life," Arenas said. "All the sophisticated women at work. ... But that's serious. They be like, 'How come y'all ain't meeting a nice lady?' Sh*t, they're at work when we're out.
"By the time we meet, we're meeting at the club. Now we really gotta guess which one is which. Other than that, our schedules match up with the worst people, the worst women in life."

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Gilbert Arenas' comments came out after Moriah Mills had threatened to release her sex tape with Zion Williamson to the public. Mills has been going off on a Twitter rant since Williamson announced that he's expecting a child with his girlfriend Ahkeema.

The adult film star went off on the New Orleans Pelicans star for being with her just weeks before the gender reveal. Williamson has been mum about the issue, with Mills eventually blackmailing him. Twitter took issue with one of her posts and has banned her account.

"NBA, I have sex tapes of me and Zion Williamson, and he also has them on his trap phone," Mills wrote. "NBA, Pelicans trade him now. He doesn't deserve to be in New Orleans!!! Sex tapes dropping soon."

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Moriah Mills appears to tattoo Zion Williamson's name on her face

Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills
Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills

Even though Moriah Mills' Twitter account was banned, she has other social media platforms.

Mills might have taken her obsession with Zion Williamson to the next level when she appeared to have gotten a tattoo of his name on her left cheek.

Mills also joined Stephen A. Smith's live chat on his YouTube show recently and revealed that things are good between her and the NBA star. Despite all her rants and threats on Twitter, Williamson has not made any public statement about the drama.

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