"Poop mat for my dogs" - Paul Pierce hilariously reviews 2023-24 NBA City Edition jerseys with Kevin Garnett

Paul Pierce clowns the new NBA city edition jerseys
Paul Pierce clowns the new NBA city edition jerseys

Fans can finally see the new NBA City Edition jerseys after they were released to the public recently. There are a few designs that don't look like fans are happy about, but some are decent enough to be worn in the NBA. Upon the release of the jerseys, NBA legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett gave their thoughts on each one.

Each season, a new NBA city jersey edition gets released by Nike, the company responsible for all the jerseys around the league. Since taking over, they've milked the designs for every team, and some have not lived up to the hype.

Paul and Garnett gave their thoughts on some jersey designs this season.

"I feel like I'm looking at a TV in the 60s. That look black and white. That look like a black and white television," Pierce said when he saw the city jersey design for the Orlando Magic.

"The Truth" saw Miami Heat's design and was quickly turned off by how it looked.

"Heat Cult--I'm done. I don't even want to look at no more, bro. Heat Culture. Who thought of all this? I'mma use these jerseys for a poop mat for my dogs."

The jerseys for the Utah Jazz weren't safe from the former star's piercing words.

"That look like the same s*** they had when [Karl] Malone was playing. Y'all really thought you out-thought yourself on this one."

The 2008 Finals MVP isn't the only one who isn't a fan of the design of the NBA City Edition jerseys this season. Fans have shared their opinion on the designs and has even suggested that Nike should stop releasing new jerseys each year.

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The choice as the best NBA City Edition jerseys

Many have seen what the NBA City Edition jerseys look like and have shared their honest opinions. Other outlets have chosen their favorite jerseys for this season. The winner for the best jersey this season isn't just one team, as both the Phoenix Suns and the Utah Jazz take home the title as the team with the best city edition jerseys.

The Jazz's jersey is inspired by their previous design in the Karl Malone-John Stockton era. The mountains of Utah are the highlights, which was re-designed to give a more modern look.

The Suns have a design that's easy to the eyes, which has garnered quite the appreciation for most fans. The choice of purple is the cherry on top, as it isn't annoying to look at. The orange and blue accents also add flavor and depth to the design of the new NBA city edition jerseys.

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