Scottie Barnes faces NBA world's ridicule after dishing out dating advice: "He’s the black Dantes"

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NBA world's ridicule Scottie Barne after dishing out mall strategy to get girls

NBA fans ridiculed Scottie Barnes after he gave his advice to get a girl. When a fan asked him how to get a girl during a live chat with fans on Saturday, the Toronto Raptors star's ideas led to some online backlash.

"Go find one at the mall. Like, go to the mall," Barnes said. "Go walk outside. … It's like, alright, you see something that you like, go get the number, don't be shy, have some confidence in yourself, simple. Like, bro, don't you want a good girl?"

NBA fans roasted Barnes for advice that could only suit him. One of the fans said that Barnes was a millionaire, and his suggestion should only work for him.

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"We Not listening to a millionaire nba players dating advice," a fan tweeted.
"It’s a lot easier to walk up to a girl at the mall when ur 6’6 and rich," another fan posted.
"BRO REALLY SUGGESTED TO HIT UP A GIRL ON A MALL?! Not ever listening to players who make millions on how to pick up a girl ever again," another fan responded.

Some fans in the comment section ridiculed Scottie Barnes, calling his suggestions lame.

"In the mall ?..This is lame advice by this young man," a fan tweeted.
"He’s the black Dantes," another fan wrote.

However, some fans were impressed with Barnes' suggestions. One said that people should stop using dating apps and go out and find women for themselves.

"He’s not wrong. Dudes need to go outside in relaxed settings and not dating apps or the clubs/bars/lounges to find women," another fan posted.
"Damn this is amazing advice," a fan tweeted.

Scottie Barnes performs Maroon 5 2002 song in Cancun

Scottie Barnes is not just one of the NBA's best young players, he's also known for his jovial nature.

Barnes had to make an early exit from the 2023-24 season after suffering a broken finger against the Golden State Warriors on March 1. But before next season starts, he enjoyed the time he has on his hands. On April 25, Barnes was seen enjoying his time in Cancun.

Scottie Barnes joined a fan for a Maroon 5 song “This Love” in a karaoke bar. In the video, Barnes sang with the fan on stage while people surrounding the stage sang along with them.

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