“Stfu meek u dont know ball bozo” – Fans roast Meek Mill for defending Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green's stomp on Domantas Sabonis

Fans roast Meek Mill as he tried to weigh in on Draymond Green
Fans roast Meek Mill as he tried to weigh in on Draymond Green's suspension

Famed rapper Meek Mill recently weighed in on Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green's suspension. Mill said the suspension was unwarranted and that Green did not intentionally stamp on Domantas Sabonis.

The NBA announced that Green will be suspended for one game after stomping on Sabonis' chest in Game 2 of their first-round series against the Sacramento Kings. Draymond reacted that way after his ankle was grabbed by the Kings center.

Mill, on his part, did his best analyze the situation objectively:

"If you grab somebody leg while they falling natural reaction to step down hard so you don’t break his ankle… say if Draymond broke his ankle what would the penalty been then?" Mill tweeted.

Despite his attempts to share his honest opinion, fans started to criticize the rapper.

The Warriors will play Game 3 without their defensive specialist back on their homecourt. This is the first time in the Steph Curry era that the team is trailing 0-2 in the playoffs.

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How can the Golden State Warriors get a win against the Sacramento Kings?

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Two
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Two

The Golden State Warriors are entering Game 3 2-0 down and without the 2016-17 Defensive Player of the Year in the lineup. The question is, can they get a win against the Kings to make their first-round series competitive?

On the offensive side, Sacramento could exploit Golden State's lack of size and do most of the damage from within. But if the Warriors choose to trap their opponent's big men, they'll be leaving the shooters wide open. That tactic can work on other teams, but not the Kings.

In the Warriors' current situation, the best thing to do is to try to outscore their opposition. They have the firepower to do just that, but it could be a risky and daunting task as they are against the best offensive team in the NBA.

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