"They capped us down good" - Lou Williams alleges NBA didn't live up to their promises during 2020 Bubble

Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley and Paul George during Orlando Bubble
Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley and Paul George during Orlando Bubble

Lou Williams has been in the news for his revelations about the Orlando Bubble NBA games during the COVID-19 pandemic. After saying that the LA Clippers didn't take the championship seriously, Williams is saying that the NBA capped the players to go to Orlando.

Williams revealed that the players got into the Bubble thinking that they would have access to everything in the Bubble for free. However, not only was Walt Disney World fully unavailable for them, but they also charged heavy money to access facilities. The three-time Sixth Man of the Year said that players had to pay $21,000 for bowling.

Williams said that everything that the league had promised was a lie. He said that the NBA used fake promises to get players inside the Bubble.

“They talking about we gon be able to golf, be able to fish, be able to get on a boat, they told us all this shit and it was cap. They capped us down good to get in the Bubble”

Williams has already made headlines for saying that the Clippers stopped taking the Bubble championship seriously after hearing the chatter around. According to Williams, there were chatters around that questioned the validity of the 2020 championship.

Lou Williams says Clippers didn't take the Bubble championship seriously

Entering the Orlando Bubble, the LA Clippers were favorites to win the championship over the Los Angeles Lakers. After a tiring first round against the Dallas Mavericks, Williams and the LA Clippers faced the Denver Nuggets in the WCSF.

The team was leading the series 3-1 and ended up blowing the lead to lose the series. Lou Williams said that his former team took its foot off the gas after hearing outside chatter.

“I think I was in the ‘bubble’ for 97 days and on day 67, I was like let’s get out of here,” Williams continued. “Mentally, we were not in it for the long game. We didn’t really see the pot of gold at the end of it. We started to hear the rumblings that nobody is going to respect this ‘chip so we kind of just took our foot off the gas.”

His comments drew a massive backlash from the fans on social media. Fans called out Williams and the entire Clippers team for their loser mentality. The Lakers ended up winning the championship defeating the Miami Heat in the Finals, giving LeBron James his fourth championship.

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