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NBA Trade Rumors: Sacramento Kings could target Victor Oladipo as an upgrade for Buddy Hield

Should Victor Oladipo consider a move to the Sacramento Kings?
Should Victor Oladipo consider a move to the Sacramento Kings?
Modified 28 Sep 2020, 05:00 IST

After yet another season of not making the NBA Playoffs, the Sacramento Kings have been the subject of several NBA trade rumors. These rumors have been about who the franchise could realistically bring in to improve their roster, and perhaps even do well enough to make the post-season. And one of the most interesting names out of the many players linked with the franchise is NBA superstar Victor Oladipo.

Having come back from a major injury only recently, Oladipo has understandably not reached the heights that he once soared at, and will likely take time to get back to that level. Many assumed that the Pacers would ideally like to give him time to get back to his best, but NBA trade rumors have suggested that moving him to another franchise is something that is not off the table.

On that note, let us analyze if Victor Oladipo's move to the Sacramento Kings could be beneficial for both the parties involved here.

NBA Trade Rumors: Would this be a good move for the Sacramento Kings?

The Sacramento Kings need to go after Victor Oladipo
The Sacramento Kings need to go after Victor Oladipo

This would absolutely be a good move for the Sacramento Kings.

It is no secret that Buddy Hield severely underperformed this season, and was put on the bench on multiple occasions. This alone is a big reason as to why the Kings must go after Victor Oladipo.

With Hield underperforming, the starting lineup needs a player that can not only knock down shots from behind the arc, but can also be a second ball-handler and playmaker. These are roles that can be perfectly taken up by the 28-year-old.


What's more is that Victor Oladipo, even given his current performance levels, is still a good defender and would be a massive upgrade from Buddy Hield on that end of the floor.

If the Sacramento Kings give Oladipo the time he needs, we could see him get back to his former glory. And if that happens, the Kings would have a very strong dynamic duo in De'Aaron Fox and Victor Oladipo, making this a risk that is worth taking for the franchise.

NBA Trade Rumors: Would this be a good move for Victor Oladipo?

Victor Oladipo must stay with the Indiana Pacers
Victor Oladipo must stay with the Indiana Pacers

There could not be a more resounding no for Victor Oladipo.


While the Sacramento Kings have a few good players, the Indiana Pacers are still a far superior franchise. Even if Oladipo wished to form a superstar duo with De'Aaron Fox in Sacramento, there wouldn't be a good enough supporting cast around them to take the team to the playoffs.

On the other hand, Oladipo has the likes of Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner in Indiana - players whose abilities far exceed the ones of their counterparts in Sacramento.

As it stands, Victor Oladipo has a much better chance of winning an NBA Championship at the Indiana Pacers than he would at the Sacramento Kings. Hence, we believe that it would be wise for him to ignore the offer if the Sacramento Kings come calling.

We look forward to bringing you more NBA trade rumors about Victor Oladipo and the Indiana Pacers.

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Published 28 Sep 2020, 05:00 IST
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