What was the reason behind Michael Jordan’s father’s demise? All you need to know 

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Michael Jordan's father's demise was very unfortunate (Image via Getty Images)

Michael Jordan's father, James Jordan Sr., was one of his biggest heroes. James was a mechanic who had some struggles during his life, but he gave his best to lead Michael on the right path.

James was a lifelong basketball fan and helped Michael become a fantastic athlete. If it wasn't for his father, Jordan might never have become the greatest player in basketball history.

James Jordan was shot and murdered in July 1993. This loss caused significant trauma among his family members. His son decided to stop playing basketball because of it.

The demise of Michael Jordan's father was tragic, and here are all the essential details about it.

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Michael Jordan's father was shot while sleeping

In the summer of 1993, Michael Jordan was on top of the world. He had just become a three-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls and had many other impressive achievements.

His father went missing for several weeks in July 1993. This event occurred just one month after Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals, where Jordan won his third championship.

Jordan was on top of the world just a month before his father was killed (Image via Getty Images)
Jordan was on top of the world just a month before his father was killed (Image via Getty Images)

On July 23, James Jordan Sr. was returning home after playing golf. He pulled over on a highway in North Carolina to take a nap, which turned out to be fatal.

Daniel Andre Green and Larry Martin Demery spotted James' car, and Green shot him shortly after. The two stole the vehicle and a couple of other items before getting rid of his body. They used James Jordan's phone, which resulted in their eventual capture and arrest.


The perpetrators described this as a random act of violence. However, this did not stop fans and the media from speculating if the tragedy was somehow related to Michael Jordan's gambling problems.

James' body was found in a swamp on August 3, but due to its decomposition, he was not identified until August 13.

Jordan's career after his father's death

Both Demery and Green were convicted to life in prison. However, this did not give any peace to Michael Jordan, whose entire world collapsed in just a couple of weeks.

Despite being the best basketball player in the world, Jordan decided to retire from the sport. On October 6, 1993, the Chicago Bulls superstar announced his retirement, shocking the basketball world.


Jordan said he lost his love for basketball and decided to retire. However, he later admitted that his father's death influenced his decision. James Jordan Sr. was a huge baseball fan, and it was his vision for Michael to become a baseball star.

Michael Jordan joined Minor League Baseball and was a decent player. He made his return to the NBA in 1995. It didn't take him long to start dominating his opponents and win three more championships.

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