Ashes Most Matches Played

Last Modified Jun 30, 2021 22:57 IST

The Ashes dates back to 1882 when it was first played in Australia. It is generally played biennially and has varied in length, ranging from one to seven Test matches. Since 1998 there have been consistently five Test matches in the series. Cricketing greats from both the countries have made some of the highest appearances in Ashes.

Most Appearances by a Player in Ashes :

1890-1912Syd Gregory5221930Australia
1986-2003Steve Waugh45317319Australia
1954-1975Colin Cowdrey4324330England
1902-1921Warwick Armstrong42217274Australia
1978-1993Allan Border4232224Australia
1896-1912Clem Hill412660-Australia
1908-1930Sir Jack Hobbs4136360England
1899-1926Wilfred Rhodes411706109England
1899-1912Victor Trumper4022632Australia
1975-1995Graham Gooch3924366England

Syd Gregory of Australia holds the record of most matches played in Ashes by a player. In the span of 1890 to 1912 he played a total of 52 matches. Other than him, highest ashes matches played by a player list has famous names like Steve Waugh, Allan Border and GA Gooch.

Most Matches Played as Captain in Ashes :

Allan BorderAustralia281369
Archie MacLarenEngland224117
Don BradmanAustralia191135
Ricky PontingAustralia19865
Joe DarlingAustralia18549
Ian ChappellAustralia16745
Michael ClarkeAustralia16772
Mark TaylorAustralia16943
Michael AthertonEngland15492
Mike BrearleyEngland151113

The record of highest matches played as captain in Ashes belongs to Allan Border. He played 28 times in the span of 1985-1993, which is the most matches played as captain in Ashes. He won 13 of these matches and lost six. Eight of them ended in a draw. He is also fifth on the Ashes most matches played by a player with 42 matches.

The Ashes most matches as captain list also includes players like AC MacLaren who is second on the list with 22 matches. Sir Don Bradman and Ricky Ponting, both captained their side 19 times in the Ashes.