Today's T20 World Cup Match Toss

Last Modified Nov 14, 2021 19:07 IST

Who Won the Toss Today T20 Match?

Date (Time)MatchToss
14th November, 2021 (19:30 IST)NZ vs AUSAustralia won the toss and elected to field.

Coin toss is one of the oldest rules of the game of cricket. There are two teams in a cricket match, and the T20 World Cup captains of both teams come out in the middle approximately half an hour before the start of the match for the toss.

On most occasions, fans have seen that the captain of the home side tosses the coin. The skipper of the away team calls either heads or tails while the coin is in the air. The match referee and a commentator from the official broadcasters team are present at the toss.

The match referee looks at the coin when it lands and announces which captain called it right. The winning captain then has a word with the T20 World Cup commentator, where he reveals whether his team will bat or bowl first. Both team captains also disclose the changes in their playing XI after the coin toss.

Why is toss important in ICC T20 World Cup?

ICC T20 World Cup is played in the T20 form. The pitch conditions do not change much in a 20-over match, but obviously, toss is one of the most important parts of the game because the team winning the toss gets an opportunity to decide what they want to do first.

Some teams struggle while chasing a total, while some are comfortable when they are batting. Also, the weather conditions and the pitch report play an important role in deciding what should be done after winning the toss.

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In some matches, the pitch is excellent for batting in the first innings, while in some games, the ball comes onto the bat better in the second innings. So that factor plays a crucial part.

Another thing that matters in coin toss is the timing of the match. If there is a day/night fixture in the ICC T20 World Cup, captains will prefer batting first because they will not have the field under the sun, thereby saving enough energy.

It cannot be said that winning the toss guarantees the team a win but one can surely say that the team that calls the toss right has a slight advantage.